Standing on the Shoulders of Minnows

mastermind community

Would you like to be part of a community that has your back? If you look at any successful marketer you quickly realize they are part of a strong community that looks out for each other

Each one of their community brings something to the table and has either a comparable skill level or history of success that justifies their place in the community.

But what about you?

After all you may have at best limited success and perhaps skills that you have yet to identify and build into your core portfolio

In this earlier post, I discussed how Napoleon Hill advised to build a mastermind group.

Yet marketing online is lonely enough without spending a majority of your time talking to dead people so ideally you want to create a group made of those that are still alive and kicking.

Of course those leading marketers have their own group and people at all levels in every industry have their own group so why don’t you form your own.

Perhaps you do not know where to start.

As a member of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success (P2S) 2014 program, I am blessed to be surrounded by many highly passionate people who all have their own unique skills and life experiences.

You may have noticed that I omitted success, for us little marketing minnows will if we stick together form our own communities and eventually become a powerful and successful mastermind group.

For it is hard to relate to someone who is in a place you cannot recognize which is why its important to build your community with people that are at the same level as yourself.

This is why I have started to build my community with those that are on the P2S 2014 program

You can see what I mean in this video


Now in the video I glossed over how to use Feedly, which is essentially an RSS feedreader, you can read more about this type of service on my review site by clicking here,

But by engaging in your community, putting in as much effort as you can in a style that comes naturally to you, very quickly you will become a valuable member of the community, providing valuable insights and inspiration to those around you.

Of course with every journey there will be people who decide they have gone far enough deciding to leave your community which is fine because everyone is unique with individual definitions of success.

This is why I use Feedly because you can quickly identify those that have made that decision

Thus they can be released from your mastermind group to enjoy their level of success as you and your community continue to push onwards to your own definitions of success.

Hence very quickly you will without realizing have created a community that those following in your wake will wonder how it came to be.

A community that has your back and is based upon mutual skills and success, just like that community of successful marketers you admired not so long ago.

Have you started building your mastermind group?