Standing on the Shoulders of Minnows

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Would you like to be part of a community that has your back? If you look at any successful marketer you quickly realize they are part of a strong community that looks out for each other

Each one of their community brings something to the table and has either a comparable skill level or history of success that justifies their place in the community.

But what about you?

After all you may have at best limited success and perhaps skills that you have yet to identify and build into your core portfolio

In this earlier post,ย I discussed how Napoleon Hill advised to build a mastermind group.

Yet marketing online is lonely enough without spending a majority of your time talking to dead people so ideally you want to create a group made of those that are still alive and kicking.

Of course those leading marketers have their own group and people at all levels in every industry have their own group so why don’t you form your own.

Perhaps you do not know where to start.

As a member of John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success (P2S) 2014 program, I am blessed to be surrounded by many highly passionate people who all have their own unique skills and life experiences.

You may have noticed that I omitted success, for us little marketing minnows will if we stick together form our own communities and eventually become a powerful and successful mastermind group.

For it is hard to relate to someone who is in a place you cannot recognize which is why its important to build your community with people that are at the same level as yourself.

This is why I have started to build my community with those that are on the P2S 2014 program

You can see what I mean in this video


Now in the video I glossed over how to use Feedly, which is essentially an RSS feedreader, you can read more about this type of service on my review site by clicking here,

But by engaging in your community, putting in as much effort as you can in a style that comes naturally to you, very quickly you will become a valuable member of the community, providing valuable insights and inspiration to those around you.

Of course with every journey there will be people who decide they have gone far enough deciding to leave your community which is fine because everyone is unique with individual definitions of success.

This is why I use Feedly because you can quickly identify those that have made that decision

Thus they can be released from your mastermind group to enjoy their level of success as you and your community continue to push onwards to your own definitions of success.

Hence very quickly you will without realizing have created a community that those following in your wake will wonder how it came to be.

A community that has your back and is based upon mutual skills and success, just like that community of successful marketers you admired not so long ago.

Have you started building your mastermind group?



  1. Hey Igor
    Funny that I come across this article now, I was just listening to a podcast from Pat Flynn on the merits of a mastermind group a few days ago.
    And it got me thinking. I also need to start one.
    I have no idea how to join one, so I am considering who and how I would go about starting one.
    It seems to be a super beneficial way to do things and I really want to try it out.
    Standing on anyone’s shoulders, even minnows is the way to go. I have already seen that with things like Triberr!

    have a great week

    1. Well hello Ashley, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. As I mentioned rather than trying to break into one, it makes sense to me to create one with people who are in the same place you are, hence for me the term – minnows. Look forward to hearing how it works out for you.

  2. Hey Igor,

    I’ve written about this in the past myself. Mastermind groups are a must I believe for anyone in this industry.

    At this very moment I’m part of two although I’ve been part of more. My first one petered out mainly because the guy that approached me about joining his use to be on TV and he was asked to come back so his schedule went crazy. We all started getting busier so we just dis-banned.

    I later joined a networking program and we formed different ones each month to give us the opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Over time it seems that several people just didn’t contribute anymore but a group of seven of us really knew we had something special so we formed our own. We’ve been together now for a year and a half. We were meeting once a week but just now have backed off to once a month only because of everyone’s busy schedules.

    I’m also part of a one on one mastermind group and we’ve been meeting weekly now for over two years. It’s a great way to learn from people who are experts in areas that you’re not, get advice on things, get help with what direction you need to go in, just all sorts of benefits so I always tell people if you can’t find one to join then create your own. It’s definitely a win/win for everyone. So glad to hear you’re a part of one yourself.

    Have a great weekend Igor and thanks for bringing this up.


    1. Wow Adrienne thanks for sharing your experience of being in mastermind groups, you raise a great point that these groups evolve over time and can as you mention become a loose network that may bring together a sub group when their special skills are needed to solve a members issue.

  3. Hey Igor,

    I have participated in many mastermind groups (Well, just one. Most of the others were tribes or communities or groups – we did interact with each other, comment and all, but I am not sure whether I can classify them as mastermind groups, perhaps the LinkedIn group I participated in?)

    Right now, I am not participating in any mastermind group…but I do have a group, a commenting group (Just my feedly reading list – Feedly is awesome!). I go on, read those blogs and comment on them, and in time, those bloggers come back to my own blog ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this, Igor ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    1. Well hello Jeevan, thanks for dropping by, I did try tribes but did not really get on with it. Overtime as you point out with your blogging routine, if we stick with a routine and engage others we will form our own community

  4. Igor,

    Great post bud. I have believed in mastermind groups for years, and yes, did come across it first years ago in Think and Grow Rich. I’m very active in JvFocus and now starting in the P2S group. I’m excited to go forward and support each other all the way to the top! I appreciate this article. Will be talking soon!


    1. Well hello Dan, glad you noticed my reference to Think and Grow Rich with the dead advisors! Like you I aim to engage with others in the P2S group and benefit from the massive wealth of shared knowledge that both you and I contribute to.

  5. Hi Igor

    Thank you for sharing with us such an indepth post about the power of masterminds groups and the use of Feedly. Personally I’m not in any mastermind groups at the moment but am certainly intrigued by them after reading your post. What advice would you suggest for somebody new on starting a group, and what pitfalls do we have to be careful of?

    Looking forward to your next blog posts and good luck with the P2S Coaching


    1. Well hello Sky, thanks for your comment and asking the question. Although what I describe in this post is not really a mastermind group the point is that it soon could be. By engaging with people who share the same interests and goals as yourself, you may find that a mastermind group forms itself rather than being formed. Of course you need to be aware that this group will evolve and thus over time it may need to be dissolved and a new one formed that better represents the new position and direction you find yourself at. I hope that helps.

  6. Great post! Its said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with, so itโ€™s important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction as you. Once I realized this, I stopped listening to all the negative nellys out there (friends and some family included). I surrounded myself, and continue to do so, with people that have the same end goal as I do. Once I did this, my online income skyrocketed (with a bit of work too), BUT my head was in the right place, which made it easier to accomplish.

    1. Well hello Jerry, thanks for reminding me about the importance of connections and mindset. I am still working on my mindset and with the help of the great P2S community I am sure this will be resolved all the quicker.

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