Sshh Success is Travelling Incommunicado

I may have mentioned this before but just in case you missed it here is my little story, well it will be as I will skip over many of the horror stories.

I started online in 2006 as my accountant said that it would be a good idea to expand my business income areas, my company had been running since 2004 and as it was a sub-contracting company everything was very simple but perhaps she was right. No harm in giving this Internet lark a go.

First things first keep things simple and start selling anything and everything on eBay, I never managed to really focus or find a golden niche, however it was lot of fun ‘bottom feeding’ as my eBay mentor put it. If you have not heard the term it basically means locating items that are on special offer or people are tying to get rid of. My best find was a bag of computer cables on a farm and most of these were sold once I had cleaned all of the soil from them!

However eBay had a summer of madness in I think 2008, where every other week they changed the rules and as I was not making a killing on there I moved to Amazon and started selling books and helicopters. This lasted for a while, I still have books up for offer but I knew there had to be a better way  to make money that did not involve chatting to lovely old ladies in the post office on Saturday mornings.

Enter the nightmare, Internet marketing.

It took until last week to discover the secret to Internet marketing and it is something that I should have realised ages ago. Internet Marketing is a rubbish niche to be involved in and that is the reason why I and so many other people struggle to make any progress.

Guess that will get some responses.

Let me clarify that statement, you may know how to  do niche research and if you do, then you will realise that my statement is true.

Internet Marketing as a niche is just too big, you should know to never target the master niche always go after a sub-niche. This reduces your competition and besides you can never become an expert at Internet Marketing as this involves over 28 different sub-niches!

I stopped fighting  and accepted this simple truth and I am a lot happier.

No more flitting between sub-niches, I am glad that Article marketing found me and rescued me from the constant repetition of failure through lack of focus.

Now as for the title, well that was the icing on the cake that confirmed that I really am on the right track, you see I met Phil Henderson in May at my first ever live event, if you have never attended a live event I recommend that you do go to one as soon as possible, they are a real eye openers.LFM Bristol 2010

Rather than being like a scene from a star wars film where all the different species come together at the bar, I found only humans and some may call them gurus but they are all just like us except many of them have had their wake up call a while ago, at a good event everyone is equal.

Now Phil has a fantastic system called Simply Stupid SEO and by using this you can get sites onto page 1 of Google. I have attempted this 3 times and achieved it twice. Tonight I thought I would give it another go and noticed that I had made a sale thanks to my last effort. This proves Phils system and my writing worked to make me money whilst I was messing about with the other 28 niches.

In other words my success was sitting their unable to tell me the good news as I was too busy failing elsewhere!

Keep smiling, make decisions and just go for it, the only true key to success is persistence in the right area.