Solution Creation with Evernote

pc-problemsWriting a book with Evernote is easy

When it comes to creating solutions I have found that its a lot of chore and not a lot of joy due to being lost in the process of creating the book.

However as you may remember I did declare some time ago my intention to switch from Windows to Linux.

Over the weekend this has become a reality for me and my new laptop, especially as my beloved standing desk and the Windows desktop PC will be going to my kids very soon.

I did say new laptop for unfortunately my old laptop although still working and with Ubuntu installed has begun to shutdown after an hour or so thus it was time to get a new one.

Actually this raises another issue.

Returning to a single screen from multiple monitors is a massive shock to the system, so if you ever have the chance to use more than one monitor I highly recommend it.

Anyway, it was at this point I realised my decision to switch to Ubuntu was a good one.

Windows 8 is not just bad but truly horrific.

I am sure its great on a tablet with a touch screen but what is the point of having a touch screen layout on a non touch screen laptop.

The original purpose of Windows was to facilitate the consistent installation and operation of both software and hardware. In other words Windows was supposed to allow you to get on with what you wanted to do and not attempt to be the star of the show.

Sadly I think Windows have forgotten this along the way with their heavily bloated and complicated operating systems.

However switching to Ubuntu on a new Windows optimized laptop is not a simple process but thankfully this is where Google and Evernote step in.

Which of course brings me back to the point about writing book.

As I went through the battle of switching to Ubuntu, I had to use Google to find solutions to many of the hurdles in my way. The primary one being to overcome the replacement for the computer BIOS, UEFI.

This basically makes booting from anything other than the operating system a major hassle however I found a solution and this was saved in Evernote.

I could of course bookmarked this but like me I am sure you have lost plenty of webpages in your browser bookmarking system.

With that hurdle overcome there were many more issues I faced and the solution to each of these was also stored in Evernote.

This is why I love Evernote because you can set up a new notebook for each project which is basically the same as a browser folder but with Evernote you can also tag each piece of content you save with relevant keywords, making recovering them far simpler.

Thus when it comes time to write up how I made the switch from Windows 8 to Ubuntu, all I will need to do is take a look at the stored pages in Evernote that illustrate the battle I had in achieving this.

And that of course makes writing that book far easier.