So its Not Perfect

thumbs upHave you ever sat on a project because it did not meet your quality expectations?

Perhaps there was a technical issue you could not surmount or perhaps quite simply you look like a rabbit in the headlights during your latest video that never got published.

The only way to get over your fear of doing something is to actually do it, or at the very least part of it.

If its a technical issue, perhaps you could leave that amazing feature out until the next time, your struggles are all part of your story and its a story if told without edit, many others will be interested in.

The only criteria for your story should be that each page contains something new!

I have sat on a test video for the last couple of weeks because I was not happy with the ending, yet when I uploaded the video the issue I was concerned about vanished!

The test was related to adding end slates to your videos and making them interactive. If you are not sure what an end slate is then watch the video below and all will become clear.

You can watch the full video which is about using multiple Firefox profiles on my Youtube Channel

You will also be able to see and interact with the end slate at the end of the full video.

Its not perfect but each and every day I aim to get a little better, I hope you are doing the same


  1. Hi Igor,
    Some very good advice. Just get it out there!
    You can waste years trying to make everything perfect, and the chances are nobody will notice the things you do anyway.
    Love the end slates on the youtube video, great way of interacting with your viewers.

    1. Thanks for the comment Brian, I really should take my own advice as all too often I get hung up on planning the next 3 steps forward and never get around to just taking that crucial first step. The end slates are a great solution to ending your video without having an abrupt ending.

  2. Hey Igor,

    Oh man, I’ve done that before too. Sat on things way longer then I should because I wasn’t happy with them.

    So the end slate is you in the corner there in the video? See, I don’t even know what that means either. I’ve never put me in my videos like that mainly because when I’m teaching a tutorial I want them to see the entire screen although I do think that’s really cool. Maybe I’ll do that one day just so I can say I have.

    Great job though and you looked good doing the video too.


    1. Thanks Adrienne, the end slate is the entire page that displays as the main video shrinks. The problem with using the web cam alongside your tutorials is that you have to focus on your screen which means you cannot look into the web cam which is a golden rule of video – you need t always look into the camera.

      However if you are creating a video where you are sharing your opinion on a topic illustrated on screen then its a great solution which can be created really quickly.

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