So Here is Where I am At

thumbs-up-handdrawn-web_sxc_magicmarieI thought about making a video journey, then I thought some more and nothing happened.

Then on Thursday I awoke after another night shift and thought…lets do it!

Within 5 minutes of getting up I had started to make the video, I wanted to get on with it before self doubt and attention to detail got the better of me.

I want to make clear that I am not a miserable person by nature, however as I said I got straight to it, so it was totally unscripted and was a completely honest appraisal of where I was at on Thursday 15th April 2010, the week before Alexs programme started.

I hope to see some of you in Bristol at the LMF event over the weekend 7-9th May, by which time I will have had a shave and be fully awake.

Finally apologies to Alex for using his catchphrase, but as he uses it in every video, it is pretty much part of him.