Slower Than The Speed of Light

Ray of InspirationThe nightmare of being a mentor is that every student is starting from their own position, with their own needs, desires and ways of doing things

Today I was that student and thus wasted an entire morning chasing a problem that did not exist.

I will let the video tell the rest of the sorry tale.

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One point to note about the video, the Google search box is far from finished but does allow you to search for either items on my site or across the Internet. If you are interested in adding a simple box like this, click here to get the same source code.

I did try a couple of Google search plugins but they did not suit my taste, so I made my own. In the code, there are a couple of pointers that may help you, 20em is the width setting of the entire thing and size=”25” is the size of the text input box.

If you are making changes to your site then you can make as many as you want in one go however when you start involving the Internet into your changes, as you now know, that is when things can go horribly wrong.

Have a great day and speak soon



  1. Hi igor, First off congratulations on creating such a great video. I can tell you’re loving camtasia 😉

    You know I thought I had mine set up for categories and posts but with all recent dilemas on the blog I over looked checking it again.

    When i did check it igor I was like you mate, just set up for posts. I have since changed it to categories and posts but when I checked the sitemap it is as it was previously (before my change to entering categories) but that should change instantly, shouldn’t it?

    Do you think this may be caused by having the posts in more than one category igor?

    I’ve also been over to the webmaster tools and updated it there as you showed in the video thanks igor. Once I solve the matter of the sitemap display as mentioned above I’ll have to do it again on the webmaster tools.

    Any ideas on the sitemap display igor?

    Take care mate, Barry

    1. Thanks for the complement, Barry. Having jumped to module 4 to watch the Camtasia video, not even sure why I had plumped for the original settings but thanks to Sally that is all corrected. The more you look at Camtasia the more it can do.

      You can force the the sitemap plugin to manually update, I am using another one by the same author, I actually swapped sitemap plugins in and out this morning as well as all the faff included in the video. In the settings for the sitemap plugin look for a link ‘rebuild the sitemap’. That should sort it out and update the map but beware of the browser cache as you may not see the newest version at first..

      As for posts in multiple categories, with the category now part of the sitemap, I would avoid having the same conent in multiple categories as Google will treat them as duplicate content and won’t be sure which one to index. This is my instinct on this will have to check this with bigger and better brains to be sure.

      igor 8)

      1. Hello mate, it’s all kicked in now but has removed all the tweet counts from the Tweetmeme buttons and in the sitemap it still displays “categories”, as it did before.

        I do take your point on using numerous categories and will bear that in mind igor.

        Have a great week mate, Barry

  2. You aren’t alone Igor!

    I did that some time back and freaked out when nothing was coming up correctly. I knew I had done it right but being the impatient person that I am as well. You probably know the rest since you just went through this yourself. I feel your pain!


    Glad you got it all sorted out and thanks for sharing this with us. It will be a great reference guide!


    1. Thanks Adrienne, your comment reminded me of a 50’s sitcom sketch, not sure which show, but the husband is busy trying to fix something and his wife is standing there innocently holding the part he is looking for.

      No matter how many times I say it or get trained in it, I have my aerospace human factors training tomorrow, it is very easy to over focus and miss the big glaring clues.

      Glad you liked it.

      igor 8)

    1. Thanks Rochelle, never be afraid to share even the most mundane piece of information as sometimes this is the part that one visitor needs.

  3. Hey Igor

    Wow, congratulations on creating such an impressive video and for sharing with us such great content, glad to hear that you got your issues sorted – and yes we certainly do need to excercise some patience to allow the internet to catch up lol – I too put my hands up as a person who doesn’t like to hang about and waiting for things for hours and hours when it could have been done in less than 5 minutes – anyone for a cup of tea and a piece of cake? lol

    Anyway keep’em fantastic videos coming Igor, you’ve got talent and just by how you explained everything so clearly in the the video, it defeinately shows you have great experience in teaching others, – looking forward to your new videos and posts, as well as following your progress online.


    1. Thanks Nigel, my golden rule in teaching is that if you cannot explain it in plain English then you do not know the subject well enough, always try and remove the jargon in any lesson you provide.

      Look forward to progressing forwards with you

      igor Griffiths

  4. Hey Igor

    Awww do love your accent 🙂

    Very cool video, I guess I was lucky that when I set up my blog, I followed the Stephanie Mulac tutorials I got access to as an MWA3.0 student so I never encountered any problems.

    But that’s really helpful for people who have already blogged and mb not got it set up right the first time around.

    Sorry for the headaches… hope to not give you any more lol.

    Please do more videos, I did enjoy listening and watching this one.

    Catch ya later

    Sally 🙂

    1. Thanks Sally, my accent is a bit of a dogs dinner, having come from a tourist part of Scotland then spending 12 years in the RAF and finally marrying a lady from the West Midlands, there is plenty added into the mix!

      I guess I missed Stephanie’s tutorials during the training possibly because I was maxing out on contract work, 90 hours per week! Glad you used them to grow your business.

      There is so much information about what is right, that plenty of people are stuck unsure which way to turn and who is right. This applies especially to things as simple as permalinks, glad you have clarified this for me and many others, now through this video.

      Ah your post, the one that finally broke my resistance and made a Scotsman part with money

      speak soon

      igor 8)

      speak soon

  5. Yeah igor, you’re not alone! It happens sometime with me, It just piss me off. You spend your entire day or few hours and end up with no result or “hell there was nothing like that” thing. Enjoyed the video. Thanks!

        1. Joel, thanks for your understanding and for coming back. Comment hyperlink approval can be tricky and I always try to ensure the links makes sense in relation to blog topic.


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