Slower Than The Speed of Light

Ray of InspirationThe nightmare of being a mentor is that every student is starting from their own position, with their own needs, desires and ways of doing things

Today I was that student and thus wasted an entire morning chasing a problem that did not exist.

I will let the video tell the rest of the sorry tale.

[flowplayer src=]

One point to note about the video, the Google search box is far from finished but does allow you to search for either items on my site or across the Internet. If you are interested in adding a simple box like this, click here to get the same source code.

I did try a couple of Google search plugins but they did not suit my taste, so I made my own. In the code, there are a couple of pointers that may help you, 20em is the width setting of the entire thing and size=”25” is the size of the text input box.

If you are making changes to your site then you can make as many as you want in one go however when you start involving the Internet into your changes, as you now know, that is when things can go horribly wrong.

Have a great day and speak soon