Simon Warner Marketing Summit UK 2013

marketingsummituk2013-MarcMilburnWell holy cow what a fantastic weekend and I really hope yours was just as good.

I moved accomodation and worked my finances just to make sure I could be there.

And yes it was more than worth all the hassles that British public transport presents.

There are certain advisories you need to heed whilst at these events.

angy_lady_dreamstime_webIf you are a heavy duty marketer and this is the first time you have seen daylight in a while then remember this.

There are an increasing number of ladies attending events like this.

Now regardless of whether you want to hang around with her or one of the other people in the room, just be cool be yourself and enjoy their company.

Having a drink is a great way to break the social barriers but of course there is a good time and a good amount, generally once you can no longer co-ordinate hand to mouth is considered the upper limit! Timing is ideally not during the actual summit sessions or before such that you are so hung over you miss the sessions you had targeted.

When it comes to buying the drinks, admit defeat gracefully, never fall into the battle of the first round trap and irritate someone who is being generous and polite.

I mentioned targetting above, try to have an idea of who the speakers are and what their areas of specialism are. Then look for the sessions that will be a best fit for your current marketing reality and take plenty of notes during those sessions.

You can of course do this with the other attendees and create a hit list of people you will engage with in the bar or over a meal.

Now there is a problem with taking lots of notes, extracting the actionable content.

Here is what I do.

At the top of a sheet of paper, write the topic the speaker covered then go through your notes and copy onto this sheet the actionable content related to this, repeat this for each topic you have notes on, using a clean sheet for each topic.

I also create a sheet for people mentioned, met or presenting  and another for URLs.

By doing this you can extract the most value from your notes whilst allowing the implementation to be achieved far faster than if you had to wade through your notes each and every time.

And most importantly have fun!!!