The Shiny Object Syndrome Rides Again!

marketing toolsIt is all too easy to fall prey to the shiny object syndrome when alternative solutions are presented.

I have been using Evernote as a premium user for a while and did not realize they had stopped offering their free option. I was only made aware by a blog post which broke this story and introduced an alternative service called Quip.

Intrigued I took at look at this new shiny object, this is by no means a comprehensive review. Rather it is me realizing one very important lesson.

But before that.

To summarize, Quip feels more like an alternative to Google Drive than Evernote. During my testing, it became clear you could only upload the most recent Microsoft Office documents, any of the older formats were corrupted once loaded.

For you, this may not be a problem but for LibreOffice users like myself, this creates an issue.

Google Drive also translates your files into their own format which for simple documents is fine but for highly custom content,  they are often rendered useless, this is particularly true for complicated spreadsheet formulas.

I already use Teamwork, so did not need Quip’s team working features however Quip did give me the prompt to get my Evernote house in order.

stretch your boundaries, Evernote Training NoteboksThe main benefit of Evernote is its flexibility. The main issue with Evernote is its flexibility!

This means it is very easy for your account to rapidly descend into chaos. The one big improvement I made to my account was to create separate notebooks for each of the topics I want to learn more about, this means I can save relevant content using the Evernote Clipper.

If there is no folder then I do not need to know about this topic as it’s not an agreed priority and is just another shiny object trying to ride again!

The one important lesson is this

Do you want to be successful? Then you have to decide what you are going to master and how you are going to master it. A carpenter selects their tools carefully then spends the rest of their career extracting the most value from them.

You as an online marketer are no different.

Select your marketing and organizational tools then spend your time extracting the most value from them, you will never achieve this if you are constantly switching tools.