Selling your Baps Uptown

bacon bapsAs you know the first step to maximizing your conversions is to identify your target market and all too often people get mega stressed over this when there really is no need.

An online business is a business just the same as a offline one and despite the impression that all too many present, it still has to live by many of the same rules.

My dad was a trading standards officer and he made the point that a retailer sells nothing but offers up for sale the items within their store and that offer can be withdrawn at any time, providing that decision is not based upon illegal motives.

What has that to do with trading online?

Well just as an offline business can choose its clientele, so can you and one of the most important elements of this is who you allow into your autoresponder lists.

Yes it would be great to have a list of 100K people but if they are the wrong type of people for your business then they are worthless.

Now getting to the title of this post, lets say you and me ran a couple of bacon stands and I decided that going uptown where the money is would be a great idea, at first my sales go well and all is good and I consider that I am onto a winner but am I?

Not at all, for the majority of these sales will be based upon the novelty factor, the majority of my customers will never return and pretty soon this becomes all too clear.

You however headed downtown and are still doing really well as you have found the perfect offer for your target clientele.

List building?

There are many ways to build your list and you can build a list really quickly if you totally ignore your prospect profile but as the tale of 2 bacon stands illustrates, after the initial conversion it all goes very quiet.

With a list of misfits who signed up due to the novelty or shiny object factor you will realize very quickly that this list is unresponsive and worthless.

This is why its important for you to decide who your target prospect is then design your marketing around their preferences and language, by doing this you will be able to sit comfortably with them and share your solutions with them, for a fee of course.

Have you ever used a list building tactic that you now realize was not ideal?