Sally Went Deep


I have known Sally for a while but whilst I went wide and tried to learn about many different topics principally to try and see what worked and what I enjoyed doing. She went deep and that is the secret to success online, once you have found your passion stop searching.

So I have donned my Davy lamp and started to journey down the shaft that Sally has carved out for all those brave enough to leave their comfort zone and follow her.

It is sure looking like an interesting and possibly uncomfortable journey.

Already I am discovering little gems of knowledge that she has left. Her advice is already having an effect on my blog and giving me a massive headache which has nothing to do with the plastic helmet or the lamp.

Thanks Sally!

Not a massive revelation

You should use the more tag to break up your posts, as this helps to reduce your bounce rate and encourage reader interaction, all good for search engine love. However the link you use should be more than just click here, as that is hardly inspiring.

Unfortunately I had forgot one of the basic rules of mining, if you follow a branch shaft, always leave a trail so you can recover to the main shaft if things go wrong. I failed to do this and having followed the advice of a person I came across on the surface, I made a change that allowed my link to improve upon ‘click here’ but not by much.

I know what I changed but only after travelling down many shafts that lead to seams of code that were worthless to me. Eventually I re-discovered the seam I had tampered with but was this the real deal?

Thankfully I kept in my pocket a copy of the untampered seam and by comparing the two under torchlight I was able to return the seam to its original condition.Now having recovered myself back to the main shaft, I must admit I was massively annoyed at myself having wasted several hours re-covering my tracks and not following the path Sally had carved.

KISS with a Canary

It turns out the actual solution was far easier and did not need me to start mining unknown seams.

Now depending on which seam your theme code was carved from your solution maybe slightly different but simple is always worth a first blast.

Simply add the ‘more’ tag to your post, if you shine your Davy lamp in the direction of the HTML view, it actually says ‘more’, with this marker laid into your post, try the little bag of TNT below, if your post explodes then I hope you kept a copy in your pocket before trying this.

“<!—more Before I entered the mine I was given some advice. Read on to find out what it was –>”

Good luck in your blogging adventure whether still on the surface or deeper into Sally’s mine shaft. I look forward to spotting the evidence you leave in your wake.

Keep your light bright and your canary fat