Running for Cover

closing the doorThis post was started a couple of weeks ago but never finished due to the reasons explained in the original post below.

Thankfully many of the stresses that created this issue in my life have now passed, although I am still spinning far too many plates but lets get on with the original post…

Now this is going to be a short post or perhaps it may not, such is the internal confusion at the moment.

Tonight was going great, I was sticking to the plan and had done my blog hopping and forum commentating sessions.

After that it was onto my training session.

Over the weekend I purchased “The List Building Formula” created by Brian Oliver and it was only today that I actually entered the training session dedicated to going through this purchase.

Now his content is great and the membership site is filled with many fantastic resources but as you know I am still trying to get back into my routine.

Perhaps what happened next was due to this.

As I browsed through the site I felt myself having a panic attack, not a stop breathing and faint one but bad enough to create the following reaction.

All I wanted to do at this point was get out of the membership site, lie down and kiss my schedule goodbye.

Instead being a geek,  I headed for our natural place of safety, Facebook and its calming stream of time killing updates.

However I felt this was an important issue to share, especially as its the first time this has happened to me. So I started to write this post and I can actually still feel the inner stress as I write but I will attempt to decode what triggered my irrational response.

The membership site to my nervous over-loaded mind, lacked the dictatorial structure that a good site needs. To achieve this…you need to do this then that…and so on.

Without this structure my mind was filled with so many options and paths to travel that it called time and so begun a most minor of panic attacks.

There is also plenty going on in my offline world at the moment so that may have also played a part.

So the reason for sharing this?

Well if you want to create a product or share a solution do not be scared to tell people what to do and in what order!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and as I said at the start of this post, you need to beware of taking too much on.

I watched the second video by Andy and Mike tonight and they cover the topic of message and offer clarity very well, they call it the circumstantial promise, sell and deliver to a persons circumstance, not to them.

Like many marketers struggling to generate traffic, its never the lack of traffic options that is the problem but rather which ones to use and hence why you need to think about the mindset of those buying into your offer, the circumstantial promise.

Click here to see their Video Genesis video series

I highly recommend The List Building Formula as Brian mentions well proven traffic generation strategies but you need to be prepared to pick just one strategy, ignore the rest and work at getting your chosen one working for you.