Rip up the Plan and Start Again

This post highlights the joy of planning and how that even though you may have the most beautiful plan in the world. All it takes is a little bit of reality to completely mess it up or in my case, how my initial idea went horribly wrong once I started filling in all of the finer details.

The original post on my training blog, avelcomms stated that using Dia was the way I was going to map out my Internet presence. This would have the added benefit of identifying how I could bring all those sites that are kind enough to email me on a regular basis reminding me of my membership details and privileges, back in from the cold, although for most of them I cannot even recall why I joined!

Well as I have said the full test did not go well, try this and you will see that I mean:

Site A has an opt-in box for your list A, it also has a graphic that links to List B, fine so far and of course it links to all of your other sites..

Now add social media into the mix, Site A links to your Facebook Profile and your Page and your Group all through different methods and of course all of these Facebook presences link back to site A and all the other sites which have links to Site A!

Right so how many links has site A got?

2 outwards to your autoresponder, then another 3 to Facebook and of course 3 inbound from Facebook and this is just for one site plus links to however many other sites you have.

I gave up after adding only a few of the sites and this was before I even begun to look at all of the traffic sites that I had joined over the years.

The real problem with this method is that it is a flat image, you cannot open it up and examine a layer at  a time.

Right quick pause as this is beginning to sound like a sales pitch, the solution I have found does not to my knowledge run an affiliate scheme, but it does have a free level of membership, so with that cleared up let me introduce the solution that I eventually migrated to.

It is your brain or rather TheBrain

I have created a very short video that highlights just how powerful this software is, with it being software you can download it and then you are free to experiment wherever and whenever you like.

The things to take from the video are that you can quickly zoom into any site and see what it is linked to and thus you can plan your traffic entry and destination points very quickly and accurately.

The final shot is very telling as this highlights that there are only 2 methods to obtain my Facebook guide, can you remember how many routes people have to your opt-in pages?

Right well the original idea was to come up with a strategy to plan my business and with this I am almost there because I now know where I am, I think it is easier to start planning as a complete newbie with only a dream and no legacy to consider, this I think was what was holding me back in my planning.

I knew where I wanted to end up but which would be the best route, after all in the video you have seen some of my Internet presences but this by no means all of the sites that have me as a member, there are plenty more and I did not really have an over view of them all until now.

I am confident that I have now reached the end of my building phase and can start to consolidate the presences that I have, this of course means a whole new strategy. However if I combine this software with Google Analytics I can see just how the traffic is moving around my world and can quickly visualise how a change will look before I do it, which of course is the ideal situation.

If you know of any other software that can do the same I would love to hear about it as this was found quite quickly and I stopped looking as I fell in love with it almost immediately, however it’s only my Blackberry that will be getting a meal and some flowers on Valentines Day!