Ringtones and Top-knots

It always seems like a great idea at the time

Whether personnel of professional there are always decisions to be made, some will make you relax whilst others will be chalked as a regret

When engaged in conversation, you get pretty annoyed when someone butts into your chat yet should that be any different if they do this via your cell phone?

Answering that call may just kill a life-transforming opportunity.

This is why my phone remains permanently on vibrate. A conversation between people is a discussion happening in the present moment. The caller cannot possibly know the flow or potential of your chat and thus can wait.

igor griffiths cold with styleCould your clothing be stifling the conversations you are having?

Is your attire appropriate for your current situation, a joke outfit maybe funny with friends but as you travel the world, due to local cultures and activities they quickly become inappropriate.

This is why I have few items of clothing bearing phrases or brands and my camel coat does not travel with me!

The same could apply to your appearance.

Over the last 7 months, I have been growing my hair long enough to create a top knot. The idea was suggested by a friend as a challenge and as it was not a permanent decision I accepted.

It has also transitioned through red and bleach blond during this same period

igorGriffiths original igor griffiths pink period igor griffiths blond and shaggy igor griffiths top-knot

It should be noted my friend had to withdraw from the challenge as his fiancee (now wife) vetoed the presence of a top knot on their wedding day!

I am also now without top-knot as I noticed these hairstyles created dilemmas for me.

Hair up, hair down, hair combed or hair shaggy. Each appropriate for its own situation and activity but when not appropriate the decision caused like the choices mentioned before an unnecessary stress point.

Life is stressful enough without finding extra to load onto yourself.

This is why having achieved the top knot, the hair has been returned to its neutral low management style.

What are you doing that adds unnecessary stress into your life?