Right Answer Wrong Question

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The only problem you face in this brave new digital world is asking the correct questions.

“Google it” has become the slang for searching for answers to your questions.

All your answers are out there but only if you ask the right question and that is the dilemma we face.

With so much wealth of information available to you via your finger tips the ability to ask the correct question and stay on track is essential if you do not want to create bigger issues in your life.

Let me explain.

Having made the switch to Ubuntu some time ago and with an external hard drive containing a mix of valuable and redundant data, the time had come to give this drive a clear out.

This is where the adventure begun.

The external drive which I had used on my Windows computer no longer belonged to me now that I was using an Ubuntu operating system. The drive ownership was set to my Windows persona and all the file permissions were now read only.

Thus I needed to change ownership before I could adjust the file permissions and delete the redundant files.

And that is the question I asked of Google which lead me to several Ubuntu forums, unfortunately my question got lost in translation and one of the answers I got back was to format the drive.

The next chain of events is a little hazy as I was in that head down, no computer is going to beat me manic phase but what is clear the formatting of the external drive somehow transformed into formatting my laptop.

Thankfully this is where the wise words of John Thornhill came to the rescue.

At the start of the Partnership to Success program he recommended making a backup of all your important files, with Dropbox being a great solution for this.

Thankfully I took John at his word and even though I had now formatted my laptop, none of my online business or personal data was lost as it was all stored in my Dropbox account. I had made a point of saving all my data inside the Dropbox folder on my laptop which was then automatically synchronized to the online account.

Thus with my computer software re-installed, all that was left were the small matters of synchronizing my laptop with my Dropbox account and clearing out my external hard drive.

The synchronization took about 8 days thanks to the number of large media files.

Still wanting to clear out the drive, I returned to Google, rephrased my question and instantly the answer appeared and now I could take control of my external drive and finally achieve what I had initially set out to do.

My thanks goes to Ozzy Frank and his blog for supplying the correct answer.

The point of course is that your digital data is far more fragile than its physical equivalent and you need to bear this in mind especially when it comes to the digital creations that your online business relies upon.