Reveal Your Desires and Discover Your Path

frustrationladyhairpull_webFail to plan and plan to fail, KISS, a fool with a plan can outsmart a genius with no plan.

I guess there is a message trying to break through.

They are all of course correct, in this age of over exposure to information and distraction, to keep moving forwards towards your goals you really do need to know where you are heading.

I have tried many planning systems, I have even discussed some of them on these pages but eventually all of them left me tied in knots, unable to move forwards.

Planning is so frustratingly simple, how do I get from where I am to where I want to be, that is really the only question that needs to be answered!

The best advice is of course keep it simple stupid.

Last night I stumbled across an article by Rich Schefren in the Shortcut Confidential magazine and I immediately knew that this was something that needed further investigation.

Today I was proven right and now I have the foundations for a business plan that is most definitely very simple.

That one big question needs to be broken down into 3 steps:

1. What exactly do you want?

2. What’s the absolute miniumum necessary to have this?

3. What’s the fastest and easiest route to this?

You are running an online business to achieve your personal goals, this is no different from a normal job, very few of us would work if we did not have to.

What exactly is it that you want to achieve in your life?

Could it be an automated business that allows you to spend as much time as possible with your children, and all of the time during the summer vacation.perfectday_web

If it is something similar, then you will need to work out how you can generate an automated income that covers your household expenses and business costs.

What are the essential elements that you will need to make this possible?

This stage of course goes deeper than just the money needed, you need to really plan out an automated business that has all the attraction, capture and monetization elements setup and ready to go.

Of course do not forget KISS at this stage, what is the absolute minimum that you need to create an automated business?

an attraction strategy, the optin page with sales funnel attached and some pre-written messages.

The eternal dream of working online is to escape the office job not create another one!

What’s the fastest and easiest route to this?

Build a following of people that trust your judgement and reward their faith with the best advice and protection that you can give.

The only problem you have is how to develop that level of faith before and after the conversion takes place.

Achieve this and the money will follow.