Return on Investment

20euroinpocket_web-sxc-ilcoEvery Sunday I do my stats and accounts now apart from noticing that I eat to much from convenience stores there was also the issue of the number of Marketing resources I have bought in the last 2 weeks, I say every Sunday….last week was missed for reasons I forget.

One of the product that I bought was called Youtube Hijack by Sarah Starr who is a very down to earth person and did not actually mention her product when I met her in London earlier this month, that task went to Martin Avis the host of the London Lunch where I met Sarah.

In Internet marketing you need to build a core team of people that you trust to give good, honest advice.

Martin ticks all of these boxes and so I purchased YouTube Hijack.

This is not actually going to be a full review of this product, you can see that here. The one point that I want to make is about marketing strategies that require you to invest money, they work really well if you are at the correct stage to use them.

What do I mean by that?


Well lets say you pay someone on YouTube $20 per month to rent space on their video or channel, is that a good investment, how would you know? The first way is to know your Earnings per subscriber. If you are making say, $4 over the 6 month lifetime of a subscriber and your optin page converts at 10% then you are going to need 30 customers in this period but more importantly you will need  300 people to visit your page to perhaps see those conversions, in reality it maybe even higher if the channels traffic is not a perfect match for your offer.

These figures may not be correct as maths and compound calculations were never my strong point but you get the idea.

Before you invest in any paid marketing, you need to know before you start what your likely outcome is going to be, remember you are running a business and the one thing that kills most business is cash flow. They never make it to their big payday as their money pot has emptied long before that great day appeared, sound familiar?

So how do you start

Well I have gone against everything I have said above and bought traffic traffic to build a list quickly, over 300 subscribers in 3 weeks, why? Until you have readers you cannot be sure about the response your messages are going to receive and then you can test the subject lines and content to improve the open, CTRs and income generation.

This of course is a short term strategy as until you are able to see a return on the investment this is an unsustainable business model but many marketers will advise you to buy this or that, well until you know what your return on the investment will be, I say hold back and wait until you know that answer.