Restarting my online adventure

fistful of dollarsInitially the successful did as we are doing.

In jobs we trade time for recompense.

In our online adventures we trade time in the hope of recompense to come.

The successful trade time in the secure knowledge of recompense to come.

However what happens when you have no way of receiving these online payments?

Will passion be enough to carry you onwards, well for me the answer was a resounding no, and so as I mentioned in my last post, my online adventure was put on hold.

The best way to make big money is to sell your own solutions.

However the big problem with this strategy is that you carry all the risk as to whether your massive investment in time and money will ever see a return.

A good alternative is to promote someone else’s evergreen solution, especially if their funnel is both high converting and high ticket.

I emphasize evergreen because like I now understand, the reason why so many affiliates fail is because they never promote a solution long enough for their marketing to gain traction.

And an evergreen solution is exactly what John Chow presented me with at the start of 2016 and it is the one that I have now invested in to restart my online adventure.

The name of this solution is MOBE, (My Online Business Education.)

Apart from the income possibilities, the other bonus feature for me is that they have their own independent payment system which means my issues with Paypal are no longer a barrier to my online progress.

It is early days and I have yet to start working with my coach but all the indications look like this is going to be a positive change in direction for me and I will of course keep you updated with my progress.