Repurposing Your Content

laptop-handshake-social-web_dreamstime_saniphotoYou may already know where this post is most likely going to go and hopefully you may have already implemented this into your content creation strategy. If not then do not worry as it is never too late to learn from others however where you start will depend entirely upon you and your passions.

Take the time, yes stop moving forwards for a moment to consider the question, what makes you tick. What gets your juices flowing, does the thought of writing articles make your clocks run ever faster or perhaps its videos that perform this magic trick.

Whatever it is, you need to find your style and your passions because once you know these then there are no barriers to your progress.

The key to success in life is working with your passions and never against them.

If you love to write then starting like I do with a blog post maybe the most logical initial content to create, however perhaps you are inclined to start with audio or visual. Any option is fine because there is no right or wrong answer, what is important however is that your initial media format choice should lead nicely and effortlessly into each subsequent content format.


What this means in practice is that your initial content creation technique may have to be amended to suit this new way of working.

If like me you start with a blog post that is created from headers and sub-headers that get flushed out and subsequently over written as the post takes shape, you will need to plan the post elsewhere.


Quite simply when it comes to creating the subsequent media content, you do not want to have to search the initial content to recover the main points, these should always remain clear and concise and never lost in the fog of each content repurposing exercise.

Each media format has its own unique properties, advantages and of course limitations which will lead to these core points being delivered and emphasized uniquely because of these properties. If you are not clear about the key points then its all too easy to allow them to get lost in the editing and styling process.

What comes next, apart from the audio version?


After the post for me,

  • Video, as this leads easily into the creation of all the subsequent formats. You also have the freedom of creating slideshow or talking head styles depending upon your mood!
  • Full Audio, this can be used for your lists, blogs, sites and social media
  • Narration, with just the voice present this version can be easily rebranded for use on your podcasts and as gifts for other marketers to use.
  • What comes to your mind, your only limitation is your imagination!

Once you have been online for a while and creating your own unique content, you will have an extensive archive to utilize that is if it has been organized in a way that allows this to happen!  Of course no one likes to see a repeat but consider this.

Earlier this year the BBC produced a program about how varying species around the world rear their young from the Whales travelling to Alaska through Lemurs and the bear cubs of Wyoming. Yesterday, I saw this repurposing in practice, instead of a repeat, I watched a program devoted solely to those Wyoming bear cubs. Much of the content felt familiar but crucially not identical to what I had seen before, these were new and old snippets arranged to tell a new story with a different series of key points.

This is a crucial point when repurposing content, it will allow you to engage with a far wider audience and deliver each message in a way that maximizes its effect through the use of this medias strengths.

Finally with this large library of previous content sitting alongside your ever growing repertoire of media formats that you appear to be a master of, this can only do one thing. That is to increase your status in the eyes of those that come across these results of your productivity and desire to follow in your footsteps.

You are now the one to follow as you appear to be the master of all they survey.

This position will take time to achieve but are you prepared to put the effort in and reap the rewards?