Randomness of the UK Marketer

CotswoldMorrisHandkerchiefs_wikipedia_KaihsuTaiAs an engineer there is one common thing that separates us from those we support, this was highlighted very early on in my career whilst doing my ONC college course. Communications was a compulsory module for engineers as this was something that typically we were very poor at, we’re great at finding and implementing solutions to your problems but do not expect us to explain what we have done or will do!

Fast forward over 20 years and still this problems remains, I am happiest with my head down fixing and creating things.

Thankfully I have some great friends online that encourage this mute engineer to get out and participate in communications with others, one such great place for this was created by my mentor Sterling Valentine.

He quickly came to realise that if there was a magic button to success in life it would be the one that allows you to engage with others without expecting anything in return. We are a herd species and that is why I joined his site to work with like minded people, you can do the same here…Marketerlink

Unfortunately thanks to the way the UK Internet service works with Dynamic IP addresses, I am not sure if other countries ISP’s have their networks setup like this, I can be in multiple UK locations at the same time on multiple devices thanks to these Dynamic, read random, IP addresses. This means that security applications such as those found on Facebook, Google and Marketerlink hate me, every time I login I am someone else and have to re-verify my identity via the cell phone message however on Marketerlink they take a more simple approach and it is also the one the US Government takes.

They limit the number of unique IP addresses used by each member, as no one logs in from more than 20 unique locations per month, the US government and many organisations still hangs onto the false belief that an IP address represents something physical, as we have discussed above this is quite clearly not the case.

So why use Dynamic IP addresses?

The simple answer is for customer management, each ISP will setup a range of IP addresses and then each and every subscriber will be given login details to allow them to connect to this range. The benefit of this method is that your access to their service is super simple for them, by adding/removing your details from the user database your access to this IP range can be adjusted without them having to think about IP address mapping and the possible conflicts that may arise from this.

You can of course request a Static IP address which they will happily charge a fee for!

As it is now the last day of the month, even if the great support team at Marketerlink had not come up with a solution I would be able to login tomorrow as that is another month with a fresh IP address count and hopefully an end to the April showers. However on the downside it also means there will be people all across southern England dancing with hankies in hand and bells on their legs therefore I leave my travel to the IP address whilst I spend the time engaging with other marketers online, safe from the harsh daylight that could rapidly turn this fair skinned Scotsman into a roasted sweaty sock.