QSC 3 Ends, Your Adventure Begins

on a journeyLike a father in an aged saga, having imparted his wisdom. Dean now watches as his students walk into the sunset of QSC 3.

This post was actually written last Tuesday as I noticed then that I would be on holiday the day you were expecting this blog post.

It is easy to get things right if you have an easy plan to follow and you are focussed only on that. However it is human nature to notice what is new and what promises an easier route.

Sadly many QSC members have already fallen into this trap and over the coming weeks many more will do the same.

Despite how disappointed, many QSC members may have been by the bonus presentation, they and you need to put that to one side and focus on the marketing strategy we have been given.

  • Create content on a central location, your blog, which acts as your traffic hub
  • Attract people to this hub by visiting relevant sites and forums
  • Offer a free gift to start your list building
  • Engage with your visitors and subscribers

In that last item it is important that you offer them paid solutions, ideally which are re-billing in nature. This potentially creates the recurring income that we all dream of.

To achieve this monitor your statistics, replacing offers that are not converting as you develop your funnel in the style that Dean described on the bonus webinar.

By attracting people with free content to your site and the promise of a relevant solution in your free gift, you have the capability to market directly to people proven to be interested in what you are offering.

Over the last few weeks, I have covered

  1. How you can track which sites are worth your time visiting
  2. How you can manage and optimize your time
  3. How you can capture and develop content ideas

In a real business it is all about the exchange of value.

Until you get over the fear of making this exchange then your online adventure is doomed to remain nothing more than a hobby.

TheĀ  strategy that Dean has provided will remain the core of my activities going forward and in fact I will have to get a graphic created for this, placing it in full view of my working area, to keep me on track.

However as the QSC members disperse and your traffic collapses, how are you going to generate visitors from the wider community of your niche?

As I mentioned previously you will have to cull all the dreamers from your blog hopping list.

Keep those that are generating traffic to your blog, those where the first seeds of a friendship are being developed and those who provide you with knowledge you can utilize to advance your business.

After this you need to listen more and talk less.

As you do your blog hopping and siglinking, take note of the people mentioned in blog posts and forum threads who are held in high esteem in your community. These are the people you want to listen to whilst engaging with them and their audience.

Add these people to your blog hopping routine.

By doing this you will engage with the high performers in your niche and just as in sport, if you play with the best, the level you play at will improve.

As you raise the level of people you engage with this will improve the quality of your traffic as you switch from dreamers to proven action takers. This in turn makes your marketing more focused and better performing.

Ultimately it all comes down to your numbers.

Once you learn to track your time plus the returns on your activity and expenditure then you can be certain your business is actually moving forwards.

The trends should always be upwards, more traffic, more engagement, more offers and more income!

This where we are now this years QSC has come to an end and I am looking forward to optimizing my systems and moving forwards rather than sideways from now on.

How about you? What are your plans now the challenge is over?