Are You Not Playing to Win

football play to winWell as a Scotsman I need to tread lightly over this issue as I am sure there are plenty of English football fans who are still shocked by the horror show that unfolded before them in Brazil.

However from the first time they touched the ball their fate was sealed and perhaps it reflects your fate also.

Now I am not a big football fan however there is a joy to behold when you see confident and skilled players at work.

The same can be said when you watch certain marketers at work.

Unfortunately far too many players in the English team did not have the confidence to express their skills when it mattered.

And again all too often we are frustrated by marketers who we can see are holding their best skills back.

But for what reason?

The reason of course is that unlike those that have the confidence and play to win, the rest play not to lose.

A small but significant difference in mindset that has a massive difference on how you lead your life and the outcomes you enjoy.

So what projects are you over-protecting and when was the last time you either really failed or really won big?