Are You Platform Agnostic

analogue clock_sxc_fangolWith a deadline things start to happen

I had delayed my switch to Ubuntu (Linux) primarily because it all seemed like far too much hassle for very little benefit. A new operating system to learn and new software to comprehend.

In fact this learning curve could only start once I had actually found the necessary replacements for many of my favorites.

With all that in mind the project was put to one side for later, in fact the only possible reason for it to be revisited would be if my desktop computer broke. Having read reviews of Windows 8, there is no way I am going to use that, especially as Windows is already far too fat as it is without swapping to a heavily graphical interface.

However my computer continues to work but with a possible career change in view, I will need to abandon my desktop and return to my laptop which is now Ubuntu based.

On this operating system Firefox is the darling of the community, its their preferred browser of choice but not for me.

Amazing things happen with other browsers and even though I understand the technical aspects it still brings a smile to my face and raises a little chuckle.

After you install, Chrome or Maxthon browsers and log into your account, within a few minutes all of your favorites will appear in what was formerly a very sterile browser.

You no doubt like me have several hundred favorite sites whether for personal or business use and of course there is no way you can remember them all. Which is why using browsers that bring them seamlessly to you is now an essential feature.

I mention 2 browsers because I use Chrome for business and Maxthon for personal browsing, by doing this it allows me to focus my mindset on either activity, leisure or business.

Returning to our browser installations, when you do a clean install with Firefox, nothing happens.

This for me is the only massive handicap that Firefox has.

Because as we become increasingly platform agnostic we no longer have singular manufacture allegiance.

We are content to switch between Apple, Windows, Linux and mobile devices using whichever suits our needs best at that moment, the only thing that matters is the seamless transition between them.

As content and solution creators this is something we really do need to bear in mind, as our visitors will be consuming our content and taking up our offers on a multitude of devices and platforms.