Passion Rules the Internet

If you do not understand this statement then you are in real trouble.

You may know that whenever I need to chill out and reset my inner self, I always turn to a small selection of films. These are Catch 22, Convoy and recently The Wall, this was a late addition, I never understood this film until this year.

It maybe that the reason I love Convoy for this describes the very reason that I am struggling online.

You see I have been mentored by Alex Jeffrey’s, Sterling Valentine and am now being following the advice of Rich Schefren, His advice starts with discovering who you are and how you can give the best to your customers. There is no point following a business plan that needs you as frontman to command the stage, if this is not one of your natural strengths.

You must always play to your conative strengths.

Which is why I love this film and my friends will probably hate this blog.

This is a film about team work, companionship, cutting loose and having fun. All the things I wish I could do but have a instinct to avoid, which is partly why I am struggling online.

You cannot achieve your success on your own.

I was instructed by Rich to send out a message to my friends to discover what they thought were my strengths, the message I got from one was very revealing.

Sally Neill told me that I needed to connect more online and do more with the eBooks that I had written, she did complement me on being approachable and always willing to help. This was very powerful advice as I did have a plan for my eBooks but had actually begun to consider shelving the plan, thanks Sally

But this is where it all gets a little bit weird.

You see when I was in the RAF I upset one of my close friends deeply, a guy called John Bird, budgie. We had a great time together at RAF Lyneham and looking back although I do not believe in astrology, the personality for Taurus was spot on.

You see I was in a spot of bother and did not ask for his help, he asked why and I stated that I did not consider him a close friend, ouch!

web_bull_sxcTaureans are supposed to be slow to trust but once you have their trust you have a totally loyal partner, who will help you even if it means they suffer. This sums me up very well, which is why although you may have connected with me on Skype or even be my mentor, my first instinct is always to keep you at a distance, yet if you need my help then I will be there for you, it is just very unlikely that I will approach you first.

Which is why I  love this film, so much and the Internet.

You see I was curious to know the route that the trucks followed and sure enough because someone had the same passion as me, they had created a website devoted to this film and this very question.

Convoy Rubber Duck Mack Truck

Whatever you do online you must have a passion for, this is where a lot of the advice gets it wrong. Yes, you do not have to have a passion for a niche but you do have to have a passion for your activity within that niche and any other nice that follows.

If you have a passion for what you are doing and it plays to your conative strengths then your activity will feel natural and effortless to you, whilst your competitors will struggle to keep up and this is good for your business and customers.

Yes, Internet Marketing is business but modern business is now done between real and passionate people, the days of the 18th century English gent and his stiff sense of decorum are thankfully gone.

Always show your personality and passion to your customers for it is this that makes you unique and separates you from the crowd.