Partners in Disaster

Well this has been an interesting journey and if you have been one of my unfortunate Twitter followers then I must apologise for my lack of forethought.

Creating a new idea and seeing it to fruition is so much easier when you do it on your own, after all if it gets too hard you can just put it to one side and leave it for a while.

This is what I had done with my pet project for over a year but now it was time to take another look and set this monster free.

If you are planning to create a product big or small you must acknowledge both your skills and weaknesses.

I enjoy creating systems, mutli-media presentations and basic html coding solutions, my pet project however required some advanced coding, time to outsource.

When you outsource it is important to be clear about what you want and ensure the freelancer understands and provides you with a quote that includes a deadline and ideally a fixed fee.

With both of these criteria met it was time to release my pet project and see how it developed in the hands of a professional coder.

I had a simple idea that only needed coding slightly higher than my simple abilities, the freelancer went, with my permission, way beyond this simple idea and introduced many great features into the mix, social media being one of them.

Just as in real life where new ideas are tested, duck billed platypus, platypus-web_istockphoto_ibuscawhen it comes to advancing your internet marketing strategy through your latest monster project, it pays to test and test again.

Your idea is unlikely to come to fruition at the first attempt, we are currently up to version 5 and that is after only 2 weeks, yet during this time, I would gladly have put this monster  to one side plenty of times as …one step forwards 3 step back came to mind far too frequently for my liking.

However when you have let the freelancer free with your monster, you are going to have to pay them either way so you may just as well enjoy the ride and see the fruits of your expense and their labour.

Part of our big idea was thanks to the Kerry Russell however that evolved into using social media and hence the reason for all of the noise on Twitter over the last few days from me and my coder.

Ultimately my pet project may not do very well but I stopped being a broody hen and have set the monster inside the idea free to become what ever it becomes.

Lets just hope it’s not a platypus!

What ideas are you holding onto too closely at the moment, remember there is never a more perfect time to take action than now.