Online Backup for Your Digital Life

igorexternaldrives-webIn our beautiful digital world where everything can be manipulated with ease and accessed at the press of a button there is a monster we prefer never to speak of, It’s the one that lies at the heart of this digital existence and the one that encourages us to tolerate this monster.

Today you can carry on your cell-phone, media player, or tablet enough information to fill several national libraries many times over, if you were to consider storing this in its traditional format.

What we have now instead of this analogue format is a digital representation of our lives that deep down we recognise is at risk from the simplest of misfortunes.

The photo collection presented to your latest love by your parents of course is at risk from many of these same sources of misfortune.

However of course the one advantage that this shoe box of embarrassment has is that its is worthless to anyone outside of your family and by its very nature is cumbersome to move quickly.

The same of course cannot be said about your digital collection, whilst the information remains worthless to others its container is very attractive to those who would intrude into your domicile.

In the photo you can see my 2 external hard drives, the one on the left is my life and business in digital form, every business media created or family event recorded is stored on this drive. I am aware of the risk that my memories and business are put to in this digital age thus the drive to the right is a mirror copy of this first drive and affords me some protection should either drive fail which I know they will do eventually without notice.

As you can see these drives, just like your cell-phone, media player or tablet are small and easily transportable at a moments notice by myself or some intruder into my residence.

This is why despite the fact that I have this fully functional backup system in place, I knew I had to add a further step.

What has this to do with marketing?

Well apart from the obvious fact that you should be protecting your business from as many forms of misfortune as possible, it serves as a classic example of what John S Rhodes termed as the perfect advert. The one that feels like a blessing to its intended target.

This is how I felt when my friend, Adrienne presented her backup solution to me.

Her solution solved all of my concerns and did so simply, without any upheaval to my daily routine.

This backup service allows me to store my digital life far away in a secure location and actually synchronises automatically in the background so I never have to worry again about losing any element of my digital life due to theft, house disaster or electronic failure.

Of course as an ethical marketer like myself, Adrienne only promotes product that she trusts and the marketers icing on the cake is when this solution compensates us for sharing our experiences.

This backup solution solves all of the issues of protecting your digital life, if you follow the link below and consider this solution you can do the same whilst being compensated for helping others.