Oh Please No More Hit Exchange Surfing

This post has been created because I just do not know what to do next today, all will become clear as you follow my thoughts.

I have been following a system called TE Profits, that promotes the benefits Hit Exchanges and Safelists, together these come under the banner of Traffic Exchanges,  to build your list. The creator of this system focused on using as many sites to increase your exposure and to build your downlines in each Hit Exchange.

The reason for this is that eventually you will not have to surf as often as your downline in the exchanges that you have upgraded in will be generating credits for you.

Sounds like a good plan and it is, if you can stick with it, unfortunately last week I had had enough, faced with another 2 hours of credit surfing I called time on the system.

There had to be a better way

As with so much in my life I am not sure how it happened but I found myself in the right place at the right time and spent a day reading Rich Schefrens Internet Business Manifesto, now I have read this before and have been on one of his presentations before but this time I was ready to take on board his message.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I joined his Business Growth System coaching program, this takes you right back to the start and sets you up for success.

As part of this he asks you to track your activities over a typical week, well as I had put everything to one side for his training I was completely stuck at this point.

Yes I had a newsletter to write and Mondays blog, which as you may know did not exactly go to plan but apart from that there really was not a plan anymore. I did create one last week using the system that Alex Jeffreys recommends, the ABC system but I had put that to one side as well due to refocusing my business!

What’s a marketer to do without a plan?

Well as I knew Hit Exchanges work, lets return to them, except this time no more mass surfing. I needed to know what sites were working for me and focus on them

So here is how this story went.

I had been massively frustrated with the tracking software out there for affiliate splash pages and so the only alternative was to stop using them and take full control of the splash pages

This has 3 advantages

  • You have to really look at your offer to pull out the benefits that match your customers needs to create the page
  • This new page will contain your unique personality
  • You can add Google Analytics tracking to this page which will reveal which sites are giving a return on your efforts.

Hit_Exchange_resultswebFrom this image of my Google Analytics you can see of the 70 hit exchanges that I was using only 24 were providing any return on my efforts and the top one DragonSurf was one that I had upgraded in, the other 2 upgrades thankfully both feature in the top 10.

The cool thing is that I have not gone near any Hit Exchange in over a week and yet there is still traffic coming in from these.

This splash page looks quite effective however the flip side of this is that you can compare the results with the other splash pages you were using during the same period. My other one only got returns from 3 exchanges, which means I need to compare them for emotional triggers and see where the difference is coming from.

Yes Hit Exchanges do work but only if you present each offer in your own unique style, monitor your results carefully and use them as part of an overall strategy to build your own marketing list.

24 Hit Exchanges sounds like a lot but the following may help

  • Group them by security timer duration, this will prevent you having to wait for one site to countdown
  • Spread the surfing throughout the week, split the group list equally throughout the week
  • Surf just one set each day


Hope this helps with your Hit Exchange surfing