News of the World a Dreadful Decision

So The News of the World has come to an end to save the fate of a previous employee. This is a dreadful decision and has obviously been made in the interests of personality rather than business.

newsoftheworldYes, the brand had made some terrible and possibly criminal decisions but this was if the BBC News report is to be believed, by the previous employees and not by those that have managed to instil a responsibly balanced approach to investigative journalism.

Thus the decision to close The News of the World is a dreadful act of cowardice on the part of the overall management. There are people who are responsible for those previous activities and making several hundred people unemployed will not change this.

But wait this an Internet Marketing blog so why should you or I care.

When I read Rich Schefren’s Business Manifesto it became clear to me why I was struggling and you are most likely suffering from the same thing.

If you are attempting to become an Internet Marketer then you must realise that achieving your goal, no matter what it is and I challenge you to defy this, depends upon you creating a real business to take you there.

If you get this right then you will no longer be at the centre of all things to do with your business, which means you will have that dream free time. However to get you there you have to create a business and a trusted brand, whether this is your name or a title such as The News of the World.

Which brings us back to the start, the brand becomes bigger than the people that are operating the business and thus if the staff really muck up the business processes then it is they who should be held to book and not the brand.

Although in the short term it is only natural for the brand to suffer, if the company purpose and vision is strong enough then the staff who truly believe in this will turn things around.

Which is why the decision to destroy The News of the World brand to attempt to save an employee who went off the rails is a dreadful and ultimately futile decision.