New Year, New Address and New Job

igor GriffithsThe pressure to succeed can be overwhelming and thankfully we have passed one of those annual pressure points where you and your family are brought together for better or worse. During this period, all those grand promises of success are returned to you from well and not-so well meaning relatives with inquiries as to the location of your promised success.

Often it makes sense to focus on the journey or even to pause the journey whilst you get your heart and mind focused on the series of little targets that you think will lead to your initial big goal.

For me having ended one contract just before Christmas, successfully landing another in a different part of the country whilst spending the festive period at home with the family meant that really there was little point in trying to achieve anything major during this period as the background noise was too much.

Thus I kept things simple and a tested a few foundation systems and learned that not all article directories are the same.

The 2 of note are of course and, these are very popular sites however their use to us as writers and affiliate marketers vary considerably.

Both sites have the same attitude when it comes to useful content, which makes sense as without content that others are looking for, there is little point in us writing it or them hosting it. However the major difference is that will tolerate a higher level of affiliate content and will allow you to link direct from the resource box to the sales page, ezinearticle insists that you direct your traffic to your own related site.

What does this mean for us as writers?

Firstly you can create content for you blog that promotes the affiliate offer, copy this article into goarticles and then create a ‘problem with…’ article for ezinearticles.

The result is that you will be getting affiliate traffic directly from goarticles and traffic from ezinearticles via your site, plus any traffic directly from your actual site itself.

The main benefit is that you will be practising different styles of writing and of course practise that has a purpose is far more beneficial than just going through the motions.