My Walk into the Desert

Saudi Waste LandWith no way back I ventured into the Desert.

Being busy and unsuccessful really sucks and then when the contract you are relying upon to fund your misguided online adventures starts to fail to cover those costs, you know you need a fast way out.

It should all have been so very different.

I joined John Thornhill’s Partnership to Success program which was a reasonable investment of 4 figures, however when it came to the crunch and making the solution that John would promote as part of the training, I hit a stumbling block which was compounded by other events happening at the same time.

I chose to develop a solution that would illustrate how a funnel becomes profitable however for that to happen you need to have a funnel you believe in to develop.

The solution I selected was a traffic package however I felt dirty about offering a solution that did not actually provide proof that its advice would work.

In hindsight, for that proof, all I needed to do was drive traffic to this blog.

Most mentors agree that the newbies biggest mistake is over complicating things.

This moment of doubt coincided unhelpfully with a couple of events.

  • My laptop died and the replacement came with Windows 8.
  • I was due in a couple of days to start a job in Saudi Arabia.

Windows 8 only lasted about 30 minutes on my laptop before it was replaced by Linux Ubuntu. I had actually been considering making this switch, but the magnitude of the horribleness of Windows 8 forced my hand.

Starting a job means not getting paid for the first month, starting a job in a foreign land with no money means taking only what you can carry.standing desk

My children did well out of this they got my standing desk and a powerful desktop computer. Storing this was not an option as storage companies are pretty sniffy when dealing with people who are unable to provide an address they can credit check. As part of my financial embarrassment and the move, I also had to give up the place I rented.

With my computer and everything else, I could not carry, given away or sold I headed out to the land of sand.

It should have simply been a matter of getting settled then sorting out the solution issues I faced in the UK, yet that is not the path I selected.

For the first time in ages, I had few money worries and even fewer bills, so was quite happy to leave all the pain the Internet adventure had caused me behind. Plus I had the small matter of a 4-month aircraft type training program that my job relied upon to complete.

If you take a look at the dates of my posts you will notice there is a 5 month break between August and January, for my other sites the story was and remains even worse, this period coincides with my move to Saudi and the aircraft course.

Life in Saudi Arabia is only ever temporary for non-Saudi’s, so the conversation with my fellow expats soon turned to what our long term plans were. For me, long term plans only stretched as far as the next meal!

So back on the Internet camel I got and since January I have slowly been feeling my way back into my online adventure.

This started with cleaning up my landscape.

All low-quality PLR opt-in and sales offers removed, abandoned blog sites scheduled for closure and slowly starting to figure out how to use Ubuntu effectively as my business computing platform.

Which brings us to this month and the racing camel that offered me a faster way out of the desert.

Enter Dean Holland and the Quick Start Challenge team.

Dean Holland and his compatriots, Craig Crawford, and Robert Phillips have been running this annual event for the last 3 years but most importantly each of them is a highly successful full-time entrepreneur with a fully fledged online business.

The challenge lasts for only 4 weeks but if it can point me in the right direction then at least I have some possibility of achieving the long term plans I am now developing and which obviously need funding, more on that in a future post.