My First Marketing Seminar

Sterling ValentineWell now that all things are settled I am now beginning to move forward, and while it may not be Vegas I have just signed up for a seminar in Bristol UK, this is my first.

While it is really great to make successs online and chat with your peers and subscribers, the deal cruncher I have been told is when you meet face to face, of course we all know this as its what we do everyday.

It is not until you see someone in the flesh that you really get to know them. They may sound great on the phone or write great script but until you actually see them you wont know if Brenda is using Bob as a pen name!

Donna Fox, Rober Puddy, Omar Martin and Simon Leung have all agreed to attend and share their tactics for success.

Anyway I now have a month to get things ready for Bristol, as it is over the weekend of the 7-9th of May and more details can be found here, LFMpire Builders Workshop, so yet another reason to keep focussed and attend this conference with some progress to talk about.

Of course if you are really struggling then come along and join in the conversations, everyone likes to help those that want to work for their success.

speak soon and hopefully see you there