My Blog Hopping Routine

You and me maybe destined to part very soon.

blog post rough outlineIn the picture, you can see the very rough outline of this post which was created this afternoon during a lull in aircraft maintenance activity.

Getting organised is a key part of success that Dean and his team emphasize in our training which is why in this post, I want to share the blog hopping routine I am getting back into but this time also with a view to developing and refining it.
This refining is not based upon wishful thinking but on what others have advised.

I have been involved in blogging hopping circles before and so I know that both the QSC blogroll and the QSC Facebook group blogroll are only the start of the process. But more importantly they are of limited use when it comes to efficient blog hopping.

There is a reason I do not like Google and that is because they have killed off far too many great services that people have based elements of their business upon.

Google Reader is a great example and was what I used to monitor all the blogs I wanted to follow, unfortunately because Google had all the data they needed from this service it was killed off and we were left out on a limb.

Thankfully there is a great service called Inoreader which is the RSS newsreader I now use.

InoReader-QCS-PostingTimes Now as I mentioned the blogrolls are only the start and in the image you can see that although there are apparently about 350 QSC 3 members, I have only been able to track down 200 blogs, the rest are are a mix of sales pitches or incomplete sites.

If I have not visited your site yet and left a comment then do get in touch as I want to encourage every action taker by visiting their site at least once.

So how do I use a newsreader to optimize my blog hopping?

As you can see in the image to the right, and if this image is too small you can enlarge it slightly by clicking on it. I InoReader QSC Membershave just added a new plugin called WP Lightbox 2 to enable this feature and all the images in this post can be enlarged in this way.

Anyway as I was saying, I created a folder dedicated to QCS and every time one of the 200 blogs publish new content, the number next to the folder name increases.

There is also the added advantage that in the main window, I can see the title and meta description of the content, I use both of these to decide whether it is worth my time visiting each site.

Note,  I will rarely visit content that is an obvious promotion.

Now here come another sad fact, many of you that are in the QCS folder will be removed and this will be for one of two reasons.

  • After the challenge, you will stop creating new content.
  • You do not reciprocate the comments left by others.

The first one is obvious and 3 months since last post is I think a generous cut-off time.

But what do I mean by the second reason?

Clicky-igorgriffithsblog-last28days-2015-07-20053515-webTake a look at this picture which is the stats overview of this blog for the last 28 days.

You can see from the visitors graph that leading up to the first QSC webinar on the 13th, the number of people visiting had started to increase as I used the blogroll in the QSC members site to connect with other challenge members.

The visitor count really took off on the 17th when the blog hopping routine was placed into my schedule as a priority task.

Now if you take a look at the links table, you can see what I mean by reciprocation. I am receiving visitors to this blog from each of these sites, the first 2 are the blogrolls I mentioned earlier and the rest are from other QSC challenge members.

These are people who are playing the game, they are all action takers who are up to date with the QSC challenges and hopefully will be people I can get to know better.

This is an important point as much has been said about the camaraderie in the QSC community and I hope this will remain although I know it will fade as we each go our own separate ways in August.

Each of those sites who are generating visitors to here will have the prefix ‘QSC’ added to their site name in Inoreader. This indicates quickly to me the sites that are generating visitors and those who are not, obviously those that are, get first call on my blog hopping attention.

If this sounds harsh or too clinical, remember this is a business and if your site is not generating visitors or providing information to move me forwards in my business then it is of no use to me or my business.

One exception to this are the blogs of people I have forged a close link with, they are people I want to follow and share advice as good friends should. This, of course, is not possible with 200 people in the long term, but reason one will reduce this number anyway.

blogpostseriesroughtoutline-webNow as I said at the start of this post, this process is far from being polished there are time management issues, post creation issues and work scheduling issues all to be ironed out but again during the lull in today’s work I was able to outline the topic of my next few posts, I hope you return to give them a read and share your thoughts on them. Just as I hope you do with this one below.




    1. Hello Chava, thanks for leaving such a great complement in your comment. I have worked as a contractor for almost 12 years where because there was no promotion I was free to tell it how it was, no need to kiss butt when there is no payback! So although I will never offend just for the sake of it, I feel people need to be made aware that once this challenge completes the real work starts because at the moment most of the members blogs appear very popular. This will for most, not be the case from August onwards. I do hope I have reason to visit your site more often and through this get to know you better.

    1. Hello Roberto, thanks for stopping by. The point of this system is to maximize the results of your efforts. Blog hopping is done solely to get traffic to your site and so you should focus on the blogs that do this for you and ultimately forget the others.

  1. hi Igor,
    I just thought I would stop by and check out your blog. I especially like this post of yours. It’s really in depth and great information. I will take a lot away from this and use it to help grow my business. So thank you for sharing. All the best with the challenge and your future endeavors.


    1. Hello Glen, glad you found the content useful. This is a great tip for blogging, until you know the regular visitors to your blog better and what they respond best to, never assume that any piece of information is off limits. I assumed you would already know about RSS readers but perhaps not the one I use and how I used it for blog hopping when combined in the way I illustrated in this post.

  2. Great post Igor, Very fitting way to start off week three. Narrow down your focus. And…yes…I have subscribed to your post feed. I will also look at the other suggestions you made on monitoring the overall traffic as that is our main aim as internet marketers…knowing our market. As I have been Blog Hopping every day, I feel a lot of my time could have been better spent rather than searching QSC blog members posts that the comments have been turned off. You have outlined some very valid points and in no way sound harsh. If the truth is harsh, then we may as well quit being marketers. The proof is in the puddin 🙂 Cheers Mate!

    1. Hello Col, glad you understood what I was getting at. I have as I said been a member of blogrolls several times before and there is nothing more frustrating that waiting for a site to load only to find there is no new content! That is why I switched to using an RSS reader like Inoreader, this allows the content to come to me rather than the other way round which optimises my schedule and my limited time.

  3. Very interesting points. I have yet to set up a way to do any tracking on my own blog. Inoreader seems interesting I’ll take a look at it for my own use!

    1. Hello Joe

      Thanks for the comment, often clarity comes when we are up against a deadline and we need to keep what we do to the bare minimum. Although I do not use Google Analytics, I would start with it as it is free and although overly complicated, there are plenty of tutorials to ensure you setup your tracking correctly.

      I am supposed to interlink my blogs and posts but I forgot in the rush to get this post out. I wrote a review on my now abandoned review site about our options when Google reader was closed, you can read that here,

    1. Hello Aliya, thanks for stopping by, I know how busy everyone is in the QSC. I really do hope that many more than a handful continue with the path that Dean and his team have shown us and I hope I continue to get notifications from your blog regarding new interesting content.

  4. Hi igor,

    Blog Hopping or Blog Commenting is a great traffic strategy and we also learn things from others too.

    I agree with what you say.

    It is a good idea to set aside a specific amount of time for this and because we are investing our time – in the long term we need to focus our blog hopping efforts on blogs that have good content and good traffic in our niche to help grow our business.

    1. Hello Shane, thanks for the comment, I actually timed myself last night when visiting QSC blogs and it worked out to be about 6 minutes per blog on average for reading and leaving a reasonable comment on each blog. Thus I can only realistically visit 10 blogs per night, leaving some time aside for siglinking and other activities that I need to attend to.

    1. Hello Christopher, glad it helped and thanks for taking the time to read the post and leave a comment, I know how busy we all are with this challenge. Evolution not revolution is key, start with what you know and build upon it.

  5. Hi Igor, I agree pretty much with everything you say and with what others are commenting. I must admit that there is a good lesson in your post that I would need to revert to few times more in order to really understand it and moreover, apply it myself. Since I am new to blogging and I don’t have any expirience with site stat-analysis and even less with following what’s going on on other sites the way you do, I will surelly look into plugins you recommend and probably revert to you to really understand and apply the logic behind your post. Although my primary focus is personal devlopment blogging/internet marketing is the tool behind so my last few posts are kind of mixture of both. Since you have valuable info to share I will certainly follow you on a more frequent basic, leaving comments, which is practice that I’ve started to apply this last few days since it’s been stressed as one of the 2 key strategies for free traffic. I hope that you will find certain interest in my posts as well and leave a comment as you do so far.

    1. Hello Rino, thanks for leaving such a detailed comment and I am glad it helped. If you ever need help with anything I refer to in any of my posts, just get in touch and I will help you get it sorted. The best way to learn is to either do or teach someone else to do.

      It looks like we share a common interest in personal development, have you read “A New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle, I am currently reading this and it’s been a mind opener as to what is really going on inside in each of us.

      1. Thank you in advance Igor for the support you are willing to provide.
        As for the book – no, I haven’t read it yet; I will definetelly put it on my list…

  6. It’s great to hear that even when you’re working at your ‘regular’ job you still have this challenge in the back of your mind. And whenever you have some down time you think and plan about ways to improve. That’s huge. I’ve been watching alot of people make progress these past few weeks but it seems like you’re on another level. You have so much passion and dedication I have no doubt you will succeed with the QSC.

    1. Hello Ryan

      Thanks for the comment, I used to drive my workmates mad at my last place, whenever there was a pause in work I would be scribbling Internet marketing ideas on scraps of paper. Passion and dedication will only get you so far, it’s developing the focus to target these that makes the difference.

  7. Hi Igor,Thanks for this helpful Post.
    I knew I\’d seen something in the Group about this but 2 days ago I was looking for it and didn\’t find it – just found it had been bumped up the Group Page and realise that I did visit a while back and was impressed. I can\’t remember why I didn\’t comment at the time Igor but I like your site.
    I\’ve paused my Challenge tasks while I install a Local Host program and the Profit Builder/Rapid Mailer on my laptop – it\’s taking me a while as I\’m non-techie but I\’m getting there slowly – I now have 20 WP test sites on my Laptop and will sort out my scrappy site on there now before uploading a better version onto my Hosting Server with the Week 3 Challenges included – even if it\’s into Week 4.

    1. Hello John, thanks for making the effort to visit again and leave a comment. I have run a test WordPress installation online in a dedicated domain for several years, I figure you cannot get more real than an actual site on the Internet. Plus it means I do not have the headache of setting up virtual hosts on my computer and re-doing so every time I buy a new computer.

  8. Igor, as always a very detailed and helpful post. I, like you, am getting lots of the sites on the blogroll either with no or little content, or no way to comment. We are here to learn these techniques to help our business. I suppose you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

    1. Hello Gill, thanks for the kinds words in your comment. I like you have found too many sites with little content and some which I found even more infuriating is those with comment security plugins that wipe your comment as they ask you to try again! A very successful marketer once raged that the biggest roadblock to success was his students insistence on wanting to add their own ‘little bit’ into the proven but of course now destroyed stategy.

  9. Igor – Your blog posts have much energy and show the conviction you have to get what you want. I really liked the photos you included of your post outlines!! That is very inspiring.Thank you for sharing your passion.~ Barbara

    1. Hello Barbara, Glad you liked it enough to leave a comment. It is often the small details that make the biggest difference and maximising the results you get from your time by working smartly is an easy fix with the amount of technology available.

  10. Hi Igor, Great article with good information and data to follow up your points. I will try to get as organized as you are with the blog hoping. First I will check out and setup the Inoreader and go from there. Also I would appreciate a comment back to by blog at

    1. Hello Art, thanks for the comment, I am sure you will love InoReader. I have now added your blog feed into this and look forward to reading your posts.

  11. I took note of your earlier comment in the forum on RSS feeds to manage the 200+ sites to visit. I fear I haven’t hopped as much as I should due to work and other things. I have been sadly reactive in this respect!

    I know what you mean about running a business, and making decisions that are based on commercial of business development potential rather than sentimentality – we all only have so much time in each day and it is an absolute key to success to use this well.

    1. Hello Ant, we all have to respect the time we have and its not wise to over focus on one part of our life or business, everything should be kept in balance. Which is why I now only visit 10 QSC blogs per day, with a 6 minute limit for each, if the content is well written then it should be easy to read and inspire a valuable comment easily within that time.

  12. You are spot on about the blog hopping strategy and routine. I bet within the next 30 days not many active bloggers will be left. I am guessing 5-10 active people will remain to regularly post without the push of the challenge.

    In fact for my real IM blog that I am working on right now, I intend blog hop with established bloggers more than QSC3 members only. The I intend to keep it more personal than im-related.

    Nothing wrong with fellow QSC challengers helping each other out, there is a lot to learn from each other too. But for traffic and networking gains, established forums and blogs, I think is where the traffic and visitors are. With QSC most, if not all of us, are beginners in this game, with low traffic, not many contacts, not too much reach…

    1. Hello Ozer, Thanks for leaving a comment and confirming what I suspected. In InoReader, I have besides the QSC folder, collections of many respected people in our industry however at the moment they have been put to one side whilst I focus on this challenge. This challenge has brought together people from many niches, some of which are not relevant to the main drive of my blog and so they will be either dropped or moved into their relevant niche folder.

  13. Hi Igor,

    As a beginner who is about 5 weeks into the P2S program, I have just started visiting sites on the blogroll, and am just starting to understand what that means. I feel similarly to the way Ozer does about his namesake site.I see my own ( site as more of a learning experience over the year that this program takes place, but I plan to have another site that is more focused, with more of a purpose. With the P2S program being a year long, I decided that I would blog once a day for the whole year, to see where I end up, from where I was in the beginning. John said to write about anything to begin with, so that’s what I’ve done. It’s a learning process, and there’s a lot to learn! (Seeing some of the more advanced blog sites has definitely been a learning experience!)

    1. Hello Sandy, great to hear from a fellow P2S member. I would recommend you take your blog site seriously as this will be the site where people can see that you did not have overnight success but rather developed your skills overtime. I dropped out of the program due to work commitments and disillusionment with the solution I was developing.

      The quick start challenge I am currently engaged in has reinvigorated me and once it is over I will contact John and get on with completing the P2S solution.

      I hope you are able maintain the daily blogging routine, I found that weekly suits me best as it allows me to the free time to maintain and develop other projects.


  14. Hi Igor, Wow, I like your frankness in this post…everything you say makes perfect sense! I have had the shiny object syndrome and the quick start challenge has finally forced me to take action. I am sure I will be changing things around from what I have initially done…but I needed to take action. I love the facebook group and that people are posting comments both in facebook and on each other’s blogs. I like the way you have been tracking the blogs. I created a word press document and put the blogroll in there and every time I post I copy the post under the person’s blog. Each day I am trying to visit a few more sites…it does take time but at the same time I am getting to see different themes and formats and get a great education. I do hope a good portion of the folks will continue the process after the big call next week!

    1. Hello Barbara, as I said having been through other courses wit blog hopping elements I know only too well that many will either not start or will fade away, just as I did before the QSC got me fired up again. Simplicity is key to every system you put in place but every system starts with a clunky prototype that gets optimized to suit your personality and working habits, great to see you are using a system to record you blog hopping activities.

  15. OK, I’m impressed with the way you have setup your blog hopping routine. At this stage I have no routine and need to find the time to setup something similar. At present, I’m just randomly hopping between a few of the QSC members blogs.

    This is my second visit to this post, the last was on the date you posted this article, but I’ve only now had the chance to review it in-depth. Gonna check out Inoreader now too

    1. Hello Duane, thanks for visiting and great to hear that you found the post useful. As our time is precious, it is important that we make the most of it which is why I developed this system. There is nothing more irritating than waiting for a blog to load only to discover that there is either no new content or what is there is irrelevant to your interests.

      Inoreader may not be one of the cool gang, as far as media reviews go but it is very effective at what it does.

  16. This post has been opened on my browser now for two days because I knew if I post a comment and leave this thinking I will come back to take advantage of what I have learned here on how you are using Inoreader to do your Blog hopping I might forget.So I decided to set everything aside and start with it. I now am subscribed to most of those taking action on the QSC using Inoreader and will be learning how to use it now as I go along thanks to you and this post.

    To be honest, I was planning to ask you before I found this post what magic you were using to be the first few to comment in most of the website of the QSC members. Everywhere I went you had already visited long ago like an online spirit or something.LOL Thanks man

    1. Hello Boris, thanks for leaving a great comment on how this post has helped you. Once you combine InoReader with your own site tracking it really does optimize your blog hopping return on effort. You noticed one of the great features of this system, you can often be first to comment on new posts which gives your comment and site link maximum exposure as all those that comment after you will see your link and comment.

    1. Hello Shane, thanks for leaving a complementary comment, I am glad you are finding these posts useful. When we write, we always need to think about what value we are providing to our audience, as there is already more than enough vacuous content online.

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