My Blog Hopping Routine

You and me maybe destined to part very soon.

blog post rough outlineIn the picture, you can see the very rough outline of this post which was created this afternoon during a lull in aircraft maintenance activity.

Getting organised is a key part of success that Dean and his team emphasize in our training which is why in this post, I want to share the blog hopping routine I am getting back into but this time also with a view to developing and refining it.
This refining is not based upon wishful thinking but on what others have advised.

I have been involved in blogging hopping circles before and so I know that both the QSC blogroll and the QSC Facebook group blogroll are only the start of the process. But more importantly they are of limited use when it comes to efficient blog hopping.

There is a reason I do not like Google and that is because they have killed off far too many great services that people have based elements of their business upon.

Google Reader is a great example and was what I used to monitor all the blogs I wanted to follow, unfortunately because Google had all the data they needed from this service it was killed off and we were left out on a limb.

Thankfully there is a great service called Inoreader which is the RSS newsreader I now use.

InoReader-QCS-PostingTimes Now as I mentioned the blogrolls are only the start and in the image you can see that although there are apparently about 350 QSC 3 members, I have only been able to track down 200 blogs, the rest are are a mix of sales pitches or incomplete sites.

If I have not visited your site yet and left a comment then do get in touch as I want to encourage every action taker by visiting their site at least once.

So how do I use a newsreader to optimize my blog hopping?

As you can see in the image to the right, and if this image is too small you can enlarge it slightly by clicking on it. I InoReader QSC Membershave just added a new plugin called WP Lightbox 2 to enable this feature and all the images in this post can be enlarged in this way.

Anyway as I was saying, I created a folder dedicated to QCS and every time one of the 200 blogs publish new content, the number next to the folder name increases.

There is also the added advantage that in the main window, I can see the title and meta description of the content, I use both of these to decide whether it is worth my time visiting each site.

Note,  I will rarely visit content that is an obvious promotion.

Now here come another sad fact, many of you that are in the QCS folder will be removed and this will be for one of two reasons.

  • After the challenge, you will stop creating new content.
  • You do not reciprocate the comments left by others.

The first one is obvious and 3 months since last post is I think a generous cut-off time.

But what do I mean by the second reason?

Clicky-igorgriffithsblog-last28days-2015-07-20053515-webTake a look at this picture which is the stats overview of this blog for the last 28 days.

You can see from the visitors graph that leading up to the first QSC webinar on the 13th, the number of people visiting had started to increase as I used the blogroll in the QSC members site to connect with other challenge members.

The visitor count really took off on the 17th when the blog hopping routine was placed into my schedule as a priority task.

Now if you take a look at the links table, you can see what I mean by reciprocation. I am receiving visitors to this blog from each of these sites, the first 2 are the blogrolls I mentioned earlier and the rest are from other QSC challenge members.

These are people who are playing the game, they are all action takers who are up to date with the QSC challenges and hopefully will be people I can get to know better.

This is an important point as much has been said about the camaraderie in the QSC community and I hope this will remain although I know it will fade as we each go our own separate ways in August.

Each of those sites who are generating visitors to here will have the prefix ‘QSC’ added to their site name in Inoreader. This indicates quickly to me the sites that are generating visitors and those who are not, obviously those that are, get first call on my blog hopping attention.

If this sounds harsh or too clinical, remember this is a business and if your site is not generating visitors or providing information to move me forwards in my business then it is of no use to me or my business.

One exception to this are the blogs of people I have forged a close link with, they are people I want to follow and share advice as good friends should. This, of course, is not possible with 200 people in the long term, but reason one will reduce this number anyway.

blogpostseriesroughtoutline-webNow as I said at the start of this post, this process is far from being polished there are time management issues, post creation issues and work scheduling issues all to be ironed out but again during the lull in today’s work I was able to outline the topic of my next few posts, I hope you return to give them a read and share your thoughts on them. Just as I hope you do with this one below.