My Article Writing Days are Over

writingweb_thumb.jpgI started out with good intention to write at least one article every week, however I soon got sidetracked with social media traffic, mentoring and off course my day job, which at 80 hours per 7 day period and a personal shift pattern of 25 days on and 2 off, left little time for anything else.

Thus something had to give and unfortunately it was the article writing.

Well common sense prevailed so I have changed contracts and reduced my hours by 50%, however as always its not that straight forward. The new shift pattern is permanent weekends, however this does have a benefit, I get Tuesday to Thursday off. 3 straight days to focus like a mad man on my marketing.

Ultimately you need a business plan that suits your lifestyle

If you have fallen off the writing waggon I recommend that you like me get back on and start providing great value to your readers, as articles are the original viral content and do not need to be Dickens classics, he was a newspaper article hack by the way.

However after I had submitted my latest article, I was told that my article writing days were over!

You see Ezinearticles works on a credit system and as a basic member you get 10 articles to prove yourself, this was my tenth.

Fortunately I received an email later on welcoming me back into the fold with my next set of article credits. If the editorial team likes your work then they will allow you to continue with the next level of membership credits, but you are always being monitored which is not as bad as it seems.

As Internet marketers we are here to help other people and not sell snake oil to the unsuspecting passers by, thus you are prevented from this in your article writing by the editorial team.

Unfortunately there are no such safeguards in social media or your own blog, so please remember the golden rule of marketing.

We are here to attract people to an offer and get them into a state of mind such that they demand we sell to them, there is no selling involved in marketing!