Mobile Blog Updates


Mobiles and wordpress how easy is it to create posts?

Okay so adding photos is simple, although I don’t know where the photo is going to be placed. This will obviously apply to videos as well.

Typing on the phone is not the most easiest option, although the Samsung galaxy has a system called Swype which allows you to swipe between letters to create words. This uses predictive text which adds its own frustrations into the mix.

Creating hyperlinks is simple, all you need to do is select the text, press link then enter the desired url

Text formatting is relatively simple but ultimately the process of creating posts on your mobile is a slow process if you are relying on text.

So what should you use mobile posts for?

I would recommend you use them for multimedia news updates from seminars or events, this allows you to minimise the amount of text used whilst providing great but easy and quick content.