MDCB Live London October 2016

MDCB LIVE London Oct 2016 igor Griffiths

I am absolutely knackered!

Having just awoken the day after The My Dot Com Business live event in London at Chelsea Football club, my body is showing its age having spent the previous night walking the streets of Chelsea. I missed the last train back to Stevenage and so sleeping in a bus shelter is not ideal however needs must!

Do not worry about perfection just make the best of your current situation.

Thankfully it was October and the winter chill is yet to kick in.

Adrenaline is a great tool to get you through any challenge or life changing event. Of course if you go to events and expect nothing to change then the adrenaline will not kick in.

The MDCB franchise system was designed by Paul Lynch and his team, it was the vehicle he used to generate his millionaire profits promoting other people’s solutions.

Inside the membership site, I have and you can have, access to 8 proven traffic strategies and 1 business in a box. Of course the membership site itself as I mentioned before is also a proven business service.

At any event you attend there will be a selection of speakers, events hosted by MOBE, Simon Warner, or Mark Anastasis all had successful marketing speakers many of whom were there to balance free actionable advice with promotion of their training solutions.

In London, things were massively different.

The standard formula of content then pitch was thrown out of the Tambling Suite and it was content all the way and this was not from random invited guests but from people like Com Mirza, Shaqir hussyin and Tony Ashbolt who are all involved in the MDCB franchise whether as partners, users or often both.

If it is good enough for multi-millionaires then its good enough for me and will be for you.

Much of the content was related to mindset but this not a bring your own tree event, they were discussing how to think rather than what to think.

One great example of this was the session with Shaqir Hussyin, he shared an overview of the thought process he was trained in by Dan Sullivan. It is beautifully simple as all the best ideas are.

Shaqir Hussyin Dan Sullivan 4 C's

Another fantastic reason for attending live events is the masterminding you can do with fellow attendees and the golden nuggets people deliver and which only those present in the moment will hear, record and take action on.

And so the event is over, now the challenge is to keep pushing yourself forwards, I mentioned this and the challenge you may have doing this on my Facebook page this morning.

Paul and Shaqir revealed many great plans for the franchise so they are not resting on their laurels and neither should you.

Keep pushing and scaring yourself everyday, listen to your inner conversation and start to silence all which is self limiting and focus on all which is there to improve your life.