The Marketing Zombie and Play

Fuddruckers facewipe on Cat shoe boxAfter 8 months the zombie awoke

When your marketing progress feels like a constant unrewarding struggle it’s all too easy for your inner zombie to awake and take you back into the arms of the mundane and safe.

This struggle is of course exactly what you and I decided to embrace when we chose to take control of our lives, utilize the opportunities around us and attempt an escape from a mundane and safe life.

However it took 8 months until the wisdom contained within ‘The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind’ by Harv T Eker awoke this marketing zombie and all it took was a little play.

In his book one of the things he emphasizes is the importance of rewarding yourself each and every month and funding this through a play account.

However of course with all that life throws at us, it’s all too easy to skip caring for ourselves and those around us.

Thankfully this is where living in the middle of nowhere becomes an advantage!

With a round trip of 110 miles required to buy new shoes, there would definitely be a little time for play both on the journey and at our destination.

Sharing this long journey with friends that took us down the side of a mountain, into a very chaotic city to achieve our individual goals and recuperating prior to the return journey with burgers at Fuddruckers, contributed to make this day one stimulating enough to break me free from my zombie slumber.

Thus if you feel like you are slipping backwards into the mundane or losing the passion for the challenge you have chosen then book yourself some play time with friends.

As social animals, reinforcing your connections will recharge your passion batteries and give you the enthusiasm to continue on the path you have chosen.