Marketing With Passion

rabbit-sleeping_sxcI am going to keep this post quite short, or at least that’s the plan. The reason being its now 4am and I have just returned from the supermarket which was all thanks to F1 and being on night shift.

Yesterdays race for me was brought to life by the ability to watch it on 3 screens, one TV and 2 monitors full of racing data and pitcams. Normally I find F1 as dull as painting or doing escort duties for ladies on a shopping trip however with the ability to see the stats and behind the scenes activity in near real time made the entire experience a lot more engaging. This I think is the problem with F1, it has become too much of a detached sport where we are expected to be satisfied with the procession of cars whilst listening to a cricket like commentary.

The commentary has become too polished, Murray Walker was a real professional but he was also a massively passionate fan of F1 and that is what came across most when he was in the hot seat delivering his narrative on the events as they unfolded before him, there were plenty of mistakes but he meant well and we all long for his modern equivalent.

Unfortunately because the race is on a Sunday which coincides with my weekly shopping trip by the time the race had finished there was no way I could get this minor task completed, so here we are at 4am on a Tuesday morning.

What has this to do with marketing?

Well if you look at the words I used then I am sure you will realise quite a lot.

Over the weekend after a prompt from the guys at, I took time to go through the YouTube creators playbook this sets out best practices and uses live channels to illustrate how to implement them, one such channel that I fell in love with is that of Daily Grace, a lady who really lives her life on her YouTube channel but more importantly illustrates some best practices in viewer engagement and video structure.

The Dail Grace channel combines massive openness and passion with fantastic content that draws you in, yes its rough and ready but that is what we want to experience, live in the raw with people who are just like us, imperfect and passionate.

Anyway it must be approaching dawn as the flux monitor shading has now changed to blue which means its time for normal people to get ready for another day, me I am off to bed…