Marketing with Passion is Not Enough!

perfect day marketing with passionI have not written on this blog since the 12 of this month as I realised that marketing with passion was not enough and that really I should just quit and consider another a plan.

However, thankfully in 2010 when I lost my job unexpectedly and realised I needed to focus better on achieving my desired life, I received a brilliant internet marketing strategy that has ensured I was unable to walk away from this desire.

I had no backup plan and that was the strategy, without a backup plan I  have no choice but to achieve my goals and the desires they represent.

It is important to realise that this differs from having a plan B (you are going to hear more about this as the emails are now flowing, considering this option). A plan B is another way of attacking a problem but a backup plan is the way to avoid facing your problems.

Thankfully Simon Dodd sent me a link to a video which he said was cool. Although this is a very long video, I have coded it to begin at the start of the most important section. You must watch this if you are in any doubt as to what you are trying to achieve with your Internet Marketing.

I now have in writing and in my mind a picture of what happens during my perfect day. This is detailed down to the point where I even know which way I turn when we ( my partner and me) get to the beach for our pre-work walk, by the way we turn to the right as to the left is the route to my office.

With this clarity in mind it was essential to develop internet marketing strategies that would actually deliver me into that perfect day where my passion for marketing successfully in my style could be fulfilled.

As Randy Smith mentioned in his interview with Dawn Kay, your marketing passion should be focussed on people and not what they can give to you. Frank Kern mentions this in the above video as well thus with this in mind I am blessed to have many great online friends who share this same ethos

Simon Dodd re-introduced me to an affiliate marketing strategy that works with my strengths, which are video and system analysis thus I have focus but importantly this time I realise it will take time to mould this system to my passions, skills and strategies.

Then just before Christmas Phil Henderson introduced his latest internet marketing strategy which illustrates his passion for helping others. This was a perfect fit for my life plan and thus for the entire Christmas Day I went through his training and am now ready to move forward with a clear plan constructed on Boxing Day.

Phil pointed out that although your focus should be on helping your clients, the most important client you have is yourself thus it all starts with developing your perfect day and then helping others to develop their perfect day.

How is your perfect day shaping up?