Marketing with Passion from the World Around You.

head-xray-webHave you ever struggled for inspiration for blog or email content, my friend Jo Barnes has just written a great post about this and perhaps this is a constant struggle for you, if so there is an easy solution and for once it is absolutely free because you have all the tools you need.

Creative inspiration is all around you if you would only take the time to stop and look at what passes you by however you must realise the dangers of procrastination.

Here is an example that will show you exactly what I mean.

My last room of residence was near to Downham Market, West Norfolk in the UK in which there was a much acclaimed fish and chip shop. They had many awards on their walls but none from the last couple of years…strange so what happened in the last 2 years, is the chip shop now rubbish?

Actually they are still good as fast foods outlets go but that last question raises a serious question that you should consider in your marketing and business profile.

If you go after an award and win then what next.

Of course you will tell the world how great you and your service are whilst highlighting the ideals of the award that you matched. What a great story but next year you did not win it, what happened in those 12 months did your ego get the better of you?

I would  guess probably not but how are your customers to know that.

Tell them who won the award, why you think they won the award and what you are doing to address this gap in your service…always turn a negative into a positive.

Perhaps they had better customer service or their chips were of a better quality, who is your most recent employee, are they the one to address this issue of customer service, they may not be but you can promote them such. Of course you did not win the award this year as you were judged before the new frying equipment or techniques were employed.

Now we could continue on about fish and chips but as I no longer eat fish and chips regularly all this talk is making me hungry. The point is that from one visit to a fast food outlet I have opened a massive can or post threads to be explored.

  • What awards are available to non corporate marketers
  • Do awards actually help or hinder a marketer to attract clients
  • Site certificates, which are the ones to have
  • How to tell genuine certificates from fraudulent ones
  • Who verifies site awards
  • Who trusts site awards
  • What is my plan should I ever win an award
  • Are there awards I should be targeting

and so on.

So wherever you go today, keep your inner child alive and revel in the amazing variety of opportunity that surrounds you continuously.