Marketing With Passion For Your Audience

I love Market Samurai but when it comes to keyword research in the Internet marketing arena it drives me nuts because it would appear that every keyword is already optimised to death and thus there are no viable opportunities.

igortheatrewebOf course this is not true but having spent too long using this tool to find viable opportunities I decided to tackle this problem from another angle.

If you have not tried the new version of Google Analytics then do but be prepared to be massively frustrated, it would appear that they are looking to monetise this site because keywords have disappeared, plus you can view your goals but you cannot change them!.

You can get keyword data but only if it is from an Adwords campaign, I maybe wrong but I have yet to find the keyword data for this site in the new version.

Thus I will be sticking with the old version

But back to our problem of keyword research

If you take a look in the Content section of Google Analytics, there is an option called In-Page Analytics, this will display your home page and the click rates of each element. It starts at the top with a bar telling you how many clicks occurred below. I have noticed that once you have this open if you open your site in a new Chrome tab, the In-Page Analytics appear there as well.

To the left you will see the Recent Posts area, this accounted for over 17% of the clicks on my site and thus I know that this should be more prominent, which is why I have moved it  to its new location higher up the page. When you hover over a percentage, you are presented with a summary of the click numbers and the results for each of your goals, one of mine is time on site.

As you move down the page, you will discover post titles and links that have an above average click percentage, these indicate the phrases that strike a chord with your readers and you should always aim to market with passion in mind rather than the alternative of cold clinical precision.

I managed to discover a couple of words that were common amongst these titles and links, this provided a seed to do some research in Google’s Keyword tool and search engine.

Now it feels like everyone has their own way to use Keyword tools but for me I used the following settings, country USA and English language; global monthly filters, less than 30,000 but more than 1000. In the results I looked for a phrase that looked attractive.

I then entered this phrase into, if you have trouble staying on this site, type into your browser, this will stop you from being transferred to your countries Google page. After entering the phrase in quotes, it was simply a case of trying to reduce the results to under 10,000 by adding words around this phrase. I was told doing this was a waste of time as the results are unreliable but it works for me, so I will continue to use this method.

After playing with phrases for a while, I managed to find several that I liked but more importantly these were not so freaky as to be impossible to fit into a normal sentence. It is okay finding keywords with little competition and great potential but if you cannot use them anywhere then they are of little use.

I have not mentioned Market Samurai for a while and as I said I do still love this tool so with these new keywords found I returned to validate them using this software and thankfully they passed the keyword filters. Thus I now have keywords based upon the words that strike a chord with my existing readers.

I hope this helps, if you have any comments on the settings I would love to hear them as experience is a great learning tool. Anyway I’m back off to the In-Page Analytics to see what other pearls of wisdom I can discover.