Not Mobile Marketing but a Marketing Mobile

Marketing FastWell the video from Saturday came off and I was really surprised that I managed to publish that video whilst travelling in a car through a very rural area of Yorkshire.

Therefore there is no excuse for not doing this if you are attending a seminar in London that has free Wifi for you to speed up the entire process.

The actual process for making the video was fairly simple, although in the video below you may not think so

There are a couple of things I am going to change in my process for creating these videos, the first will be to use a image rather than a video for the intro and exit.

You can still use the same branding that you use on your computer videos, the only difference is that the intro image used should have no title or subtitle text. For the exit image, you will need to change the layout so that intro and video credits are displayed in the image but as with the intro there should be no title.

These titles can be added using picsay which is a free application available from the Android marketplace.

The benefit of this is that it will reduce your files size slightly but more importantly it will mean you do not have 2 audios playing over each other during these sequences.

And if you are curious the entire video above took just over 3 hours to create, I use Time recording Pro on my Samsung to track my daily activity, must get more sleep apparently!