March Madness

compurerfrustration_webThis is my first blog post in a while, mainly due to me being as busy as a mad march hare

I had an idea about 12 months ago which was postponed, edited and finally transformed into a project that I was sure would help others and thus in March if finally came into being.

The result of my March madness was less than impressive at first glance

As my mentor Sterling Valentine says repeatedly, there are only 2 ways to keep score in this business, sales and subscriptions, everything else is just pre-cursors to one of these.

The result of my project in terms of these measures was a big fat zero, no sales and no subscriptions, a massive fail it would appear at first glance.

However there is far more success in the doing than there is just in the end result for with this March madness, I have actually laid the bedrocks for future success. This is an important point, when considering your first venture into a new avenue, do not make the mistake of designing your first attempt as your opus or life’s work, that may work for some but it is far better to fail fast and then ensure your life’s work can be as great as possible.

So what did I achieve with my March madness fail, the project fail that prevented me from doing all other marketing tasks?

Firstly, to succeed online you cannot do it on your own, listen carefully to any successful marketer and you will quickly realise that they had partners on board driving traffic bringing the customers to the front door of the offer.

Success One

I now have an affiliate program, again this is actually just a test one, the real one will be created on my hub site very soon, once I finalise who I am going to use as my web developer, this temporary version is actually gathering  a number of affiliates.

Success Two

I published my first WSO, no sales but the fear factor has been overcome and if I ever do that again, it will be far better the next time.

Success Three

I now understand better how to setup a marketing campaign with affiliates and the plan for others to work upon.

It is not enough to design a site.

You need to consider who is going to create it; what is going to attract and convert people into buyers; how are you going to attract affiliates and what is their reward; how are you going to develop the site to ensure it remains current; what content creation plans are there to ensure the site remains attractive to the Search engines.

The answers to these questions mean that you will need the following people on your team

  1. Web developer
  2. Copy writer
  3. Graphics designer
  4. Writer
  5. Affiliate manager

You could of course do all of this yourself but if you find yourself saying “right I need to learn…” then you are going to ensure that either you create a massive fail like I did or you will never actually get to your end goal.

Learn from my March Madness and stop trying to chase your own tail, with a skilled team working on your business you can focus on the marketing and not the building, as Rich Schefren says, the first step is to become an untrained project manager the next is of course to improve but that is another story.

So what has been your moment of March Madness