Making Money By Accident

bullseye-centerpin-web_sxc_jaylopezNiche marketing we are told is the way to make money in fact with so many marketers using this approach the guidance is now to move into micro niches and focus just this micro niche product, this is sensible advice.

If you focus all of your efforts marketing a solution to a market that is actively seeking this solution then its a given that you are going to make easy money.

Of course the problem is finding these gold products and markets.

This is where the boring research comes to the fore, if you fail to do your market research then you will not know what products they are looking for.

There is of course an alternative method that may allow you to make money by accident, especially if you have a blog.

Take a look at your blog metrics, yes I know more boring research but stick with me…

If you can answer the following questions about your site then you can make money by accident

  • What is their nationality
  • What is their gender
  • Do they have children

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will then understand the range of products you can pick from to promote on your site.

You may have spotted my one mistake

I never asked you to determine the solution they were looking for, this would be a mistake if you were promoting a single solution but the site I am about to mention has maximised the power of cookies for your benefit.

Your task now is to just get them to this site, they will do the rest.

If you have not guessed by now, I am of course talking about Amazon, which one depends upon the answer to the first question.

Amazon will reward you for any product your visitor buys during the life of the cookie that is tied to your associates account.

Over the last couple of months I have made the grand sum of $25, from products I have never promoted, this commission came from an Apple product and a hair care solution both of which if you know my attitude to Apple and hair care are items I most certainly have no interest in!

Thus if you want to make money by accident, place some Amazon Associate links on your site and let them work their magic on those that will follow your recommendations.


  1. Hey Igor,

    If you can imagine this, I’ve hardly ever made anything with Amazon. Yes, I have promoted a few things since being online but never had much luck with that site. I promoted a few products over the years.

    Has the cookies always been in place because if that’s the case I should have made a lot more money then I have. It’s so minimal that it’s a waste of my time I’m afraid but bravo to you my friend. I love hearing about people making money.


    1. Well Hello Adrienne, I think the cookie policy has always been there, the problem is when you promote popular items it is always the last person that provides an Amazon link that gets the commission. I agree the amount in itself is nothing to get excited about but the fact that money can be made by accident is a massive proof of the marketing concept.

      Get the right people in front of the right offer and the rewards will flow, with Amazon you only need to get these right people in roughly the right place.

    1. Well Hello Jessica, that is the point, making money by accident can never be a strategy in itself but it sure does feel nice when it does happen. The point is unless you give your visitors the opportunity to buy something then you will never be able to make any money.

  2. Igor – Yes, there are passive ways to make money online, I do believe Amazon rewards their associates by keeping the cookie life more than most of the other affiliate networks.

    Nice to know about your promising venture.

    1. Well Hello Praveen, thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts, this was the best lesson I received from many of the books by Rich Schefren, always consider how your plans are going to pan out, will they set you free or keep you in the middle. This is why I now only consider marketing that can be either outsourced or created and left to run.

  3. Hi Igor

    Making money by accident now that would be great.

    I did originally have some banner and text ads on my blog but these were Adsense. I took away most of them though as I felt I was over-monetizing.

    I recently signed up for another service which can take your link and make it an affiliate link without the user seeing the affiliate link. The same goes for words in your posts. These can be turned into links in the same way. I’m just testing it at the moment on my blog.

    I haven’t used Amazon too much but I may start as I had forgotten about the cookie thing.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.


    1. Well Hello Tim, thanks for the post and by the description I think I recognise the WP plugin you are currently testing. If you can promote without having the text equivalent of an advert break then that has to be a good thing, as long as your readers are away that this is an action point.

      I am no longer able to use Adsense so Amazon is the best alternative and actually one operated by people with a lot more common sense when it comes to knowing which side the bread should be buttered on.

    1. Well Hello Richa, you never know until you try and you will never improve if you do not track your results which is why placing ads from Amazon on your sites is such a great idea as they have a massive range of solutions to choose from.

  4. Hey Igor,
    The title of the post is very engaging and it is responsible for making me read this post. The idea of making money by accident is really fascinating. I was not aware about this aspect of amazon. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. Well Hello Aayna, not sure what happened but your link did not work, however you have created a very beautiful site. Amazon are masters of conversion, all we need to do is get people onto their site and let them do the rest. With a site as focused as yours there are sure to be appropriate Amazon recommendations you could make.

  5. Hi Igor πŸ™‚ Thanks for this salutary post, I think that we can never go wrong when are specifically inclined to proposing solutions and selling the right kind of products to our respective target markets. I would love to be able to make money by accident so I’m definitely going with what you have suggested here πŸ™‚

    1. Well Hello Kristine, with a little imagination and a lot of listening to your visitors you will I am sure find subtle opportunities that fit in with your beautiful site.

  6. Great goldmine of information you got here, Igor! Glad to have come across your site! I was just thinking of how to earn a little extra from my blogging. It’s nice to learn you have earned without really lifting a finger! I am excited to try this out! Thanks for the share! πŸ™‚

    1. Well Hello Joy, thanks for the compliment, keeping things simple is always the best idea when it comes to making money in a way that will bless rather than curse our lives.

  7. Hi Igor,

    Making money by accident sounds really good, but a bit like winning the lottery. Intentionally making money by accident, sounds like an oxymoron, seems much more likely to bring the results you want. Finding those golden micro niche products to promote may be the way.

    I have a friend who after doing keyword research bought a domain name and put a WP site on it displaying funny pictures, when I spoke to him after a couple of weeks he was making $2 a day after a month he was making $22 a day.

    He told me he has been trying to make money online for, this is true honest, 12 years and had never made a cent, but now as if by accident it’s starting to happen “by accident”

    1. Great story Gordon, once we realize there are no mistake just lessons learned, we can stop protecting ourselves and give these silly little ideas like image sites a go.

      Glad it is working for them.

  8. Igor- Thanks for this idea. As soon as I read it I started to look for ways to implement my affiliate link into my blog in an unobtrusive way. I found a couple of plugins for wordpress that does it pretty well. uContext – Clickbank In-Text Affiliate Links is a really good one. Thanks for this. It’s a realy good way to make money without even trying.

    1. Well hello Donald, if you listen carefully to great speakers they often drop golden nuggets into the conversation without fanfare and if we can do this with our affiliate links then our posts will feel more like useful content than blatant pitching.

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