Making Money By Accident

bullseye-centerpin-web_sxc_jaylopezNiche marketing we are told is the way to make money in fact with so many marketers using this approach the guidance is now to move into micro niches and focus just this micro niche product, this is sensible advice.

If you focus all of your efforts marketing a solution to a market that is actively seeking this solution then its a given that you are going to make easy money.

Of course the problem is finding these gold products and markets.

This is where the boring research comes to the fore, if you fail to do your market research then you will not know what products they are looking for.

There is of course an alternative method that may allow you to make money by accident, especially if you have a blog.

Take a look at your blog metrics, yes I know more boring research but stick with me…

If you can answer the following questions about your site then you can make money by accident

  • What is their nationality
  • What is their gender
  • Do they have children

Once you have the answers to these questions, you will then understand the range of products you can pick from to promote on your site.

You may have spotted my one mistake

I never asked you to determine the solution they were looking for, this would be a mistake if you were promoting a single solution but the site I am about to mention has maximised the power of cookies for your benefit.

Your task now is to just get them to this site, they will do the rest.

If you have not guessed by now, I am of course talking about Amazon, which one depends upon the answer to the first question.

Amazon will reward you for any product your visitor buys during the life of the cookie that is tied to your associates account.

Over the last couple of months I have made the grand sum of $25, from products I have never promoted, this commission came from an Apple product and a hair care solution both of which if you know my attitude to Apple and hair care are items I most certainly have no interest in!

Thus if you want to make money by accident, place some Amazon Associate links on your site and let them work their magic on those that will follow your recommendations.