Making a Rod for Your Own Back

numbers for successYou reap what you sow

In the 1930’s the science of marketing was formed with 2 classics written by Claude C Hopkins.

  • My Life in Advertising
  • Scientific Advertising

A quick online search and you will be able to find them, both are worth reading because even now over 80 years later, many of his marketing principles still remain true.

The one cornerstone he always stuck by was operating to your numbers, never your emotions.

In today’s parlance we call it tracking our metrics.

And for this the options are endless, Google Analytics, or any number of hosted or self hosted tracking services.

In facts its all too easy to use them all and create a system that is so confusing and complicated it becomes unworkable.

A true rod for your marketing back!

This was a lesson I learned from James because everything is not what it seems in his messages and it’s all the simpler for that.

Take a close look and you will see what I mean…

James’ Simple Tracking