List Laser List Building Challenge – Day 2

against-the-flowList Laser List Building Challenge – Day 2


Well you may wonder what happened to day one, well what happened indeed.

I wanted to make an intro video, only I remembered that my HP laptops webcam does not work and it has been like this since the last Windows 7 update. With a good reason to finally sort it, off I went and duly found a solution.

Download a new driver and software pack from Cyberlink, not a problem that will only take 40 minutes.

To kill the time I listened to some music, did some traffic exchanges for the 30 day challenge and monitored both skype and digsby for incoming messages, my PC had other ideas.

This is the first time I have seen the blue screen of death on this PC and thus my session came to an end, rather abruptly.

Thus no video as it took the rest of the night to sort out the webcam and ensure that the computer had calmed down.

Well here is the video for day 2


There is one thing to mention about this video, I was a little unkind to CTP, they have a great system which is a great training method for using traffic exchanges properly.

If you do not know anything about these, then let me explain.

They exist to allow you to get views on your marketing media (webpage, banner, text ad) in return for you viewing other peoples marketing material. Simple idea and this had not really changed much until recently.

Now to get these views you have to view each page for a set time then move onto the next one, most experienced users may use several tabs to view multiple pages at the same time. This leads to a state where you stop looking at the pages and concentrate on the timers.

CTP encourages you to avoid doing this by looking at what others are doing, what is being done right, what do you like and most importantly what could you use. Use each page as a learning experience to make your page more appealing and from this obtain higher click throughs.


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