Lessons Learnt from a Fresh Start

account_settings_256Well I have started to clean up my online presence, my sites are all being moved to one hosting site.

The reasons for doing this are that your admin is reduced, you have only one fee to pay and you will not lose a site when it out grows your current host.

This last one is crucial, if you are running a WordPress blog then you must choose your host carefully, as blogs do not like to be moved, they can but it is a lot of hassle. Plus do you want to spend days on admin or on money making?

So how do you choose a great host?

Reliability is always a good place to start, but then you are not going to really know this until you use the service, so there are other fixed things that you can compare.

You must be able to host multiple domains, these will be add on domains and NOT sub domains, each site will be its own thing and not a sub domain of the main site. To clarify each site will have its own address and each will be independent of each other, this is what you want.

Are you using a reseller account?

Not sure, well does your current hosting place a disk space limit on your sites? If it does then it is likely to be a reseller, or not a good option for a successful site. Your site could become massive with lots of traffic, do you really want it closed for a large proportion of the month, as you have exceeded your limits?

Now I have used a reseller site, which I have just left, which is why I am writing this.

My blog at avelcomms.co.uk is now in tatters, as it did not like the move, Hostgator are looking into this at the moment. I was also in the end unable to send email as I had used up my disk space!  My business is now in a state of confusion as I am having to spend time ensuring that all the loose ends of the move are resolved.

You want to start on the right foot and go with a host that will allow you to grow and if things go wrong will be there for you.

This is why I totally recommend Hostgator, they meet all the essentials that I have mentioned above and will allow you to concentrate on your success, safe in the knowledge that you will not have to spend days juggling bandwidth and megabytes to meet your hosts limitations. Hostgators does not have limitations, just great service!

You must do this today, Check out Hostgators great service here