Learning the Maths in 2013

draftingtools-web_sxc_lockstockbI just read a really interesting post from Rob Cornish about the power of banners on your site.

Okay so you just noticed all of mine have disappeared.

So, you can guess what Rob’s results indicate about banner ads and its not complementary.

I recommend you read Rob’s post but in summary here is why you should forget about monetizing your blogs with banner ads.

Cascading conversions

Let me explain.

Every step that a visitor needs to take towards your affiliate income, removes many from your desired path.

How many steps do your visitors need to take before they reach the point of sale?

Do the maths and you will soon realize why those beautiful banners are not bringing you the financial freedom you were promised.

This is why Rob recommends you take another approach and yes it’s the one we all know we should be doing.

Here’s to 2013 and the building a profitable business.