What I Learned by Teaching Others

www_sxc_jaylopezHaving moved on from Hostgator I embarked on a journey into the unknown which ultimately led to the hibernation of this blog.

Hosting is like the paint of your house, it only becomes interesting when it needs attention and then of course you become very interested and passionate about it, albeit only temporarily.

As I left Hostgator for pastures new, it quickly became apparent that all was not well in my new home.

This new hosting it transpired was not the perfect home I had envisaged.

I found myself having to constantly manage site disc space allocations which left little time for marketing thus things had to change.

Fortunately it transpired at the same time, the bonus promotion I had with a leading marketer had begun to unravel.

Dangers of PLR

They had vetoed my site due to its use of PLR video content, although these tutorials were of high quality their decision was understandable as they could not be sure their subscribers had not seen this content elsewhere.

This of course is the problem with video PLR, unless you use it for inspiration then you cannot ever make it truly unique.

Thus I used the videos for inspiration and actually managed to fill in the gaps between these PLR videos.

Ironically, one of the initial videos was about selecting your hosting.

But which hosting company to choose and more importantly what to base this decision upon.

Taking personal recommendations is a great start however you and me will expect and demand many different things from our hosting selections. Which is why I needed to discover a better foundation for making my hosting selections and more importantly to pass onto my membership members.

During research for this video, I came upon a forum called webhostingtalk.com, a site where users and providers come together to share services and feedback.

Thus it’s a great place to check out those personal recommendations.

In this forum you can see the real user feedback of many hosting companies and if your options come up short then there is of course a wealth of alternatives to select from.

Now like any forum you have access to a wide variety of opinions but most importantly these are delivered as you know in the context of a discussion for and against any particular suggestion.

It was in one of the many threads in the reseller section that I came across Crocweb and the many good things that were being said about them, although as I write this they are having serious issues due to sustained web attacks.

Thus with the advice contained in this forum you can counter-balance the sales pitch of your proposed hosting service.

Switching Your Hosting

Now switching between hosting companies is simply a matter of transferring the file backups for each domain.

Unfortunately for this blog, the most recent backup was infected with some sort of trojan and thus had to be discarded.

Thankfully I followed the advice of Barry Wells regarding backing up your sites and hence had an earlier one stored on my computer.

Which explains why my last post was apparently made in July.

Of course its better to learn from your mistakes and thus going forward I will be using the export function of WordPress on a weekly basis to ensure that this blog and my other sites does not lose so much content again.

The alternative backup solution, a cPanel full site backup creates a very large file which can be troublesome to download which is why I am switching to the export option.

Thus you can be confident that even should your site be hacked, attacked or corrupted you will at most lose only 7 days content. Therefore you can feel confident that what you create will not be lost and thus can be built upon.

Hence if you are thinking about switching hosting make sure you check your backup files carefully and choose your hosting options even more carefully using the forum, webhostingtalk.com

Its great to be back and I look forward to sharing more lessons learned in the forthcoming weeks.


    1. David thanks for your thoughts on this which I totally agree with. Which is why there is no such thing as an effortless product, you get out what you put in, you need to rework or recreate every piece of PLR you consider using

  1. Hey Igor,

    As you’ve read one of my recent posts you know I feel your pain. Of course with my move to a new hosting service back in August, the transfer actually went very smoothly and my blog was never even down. I may have missed three comments but because they’re emailed to me I was still able to put those in like nothing happened.

    I’m sorry this new one is still having issues but I hope they’re doing their best to stay on top of things. Sounds like they are and that overall you’re happy.

    I do backups through the cPanel daily and full backups monthly. I’ve gotten my files down quite a bit and I intend to get them down even more before next month is over. I prefer having a handle on this myself then trusting some service or plugin.

    Sorry your backups were infected and you had to go so far back. I would be so ticked but I scan my computer for any type of malware or viruses monthly as well, sometimes sooner. We can never be too careful can we.

    Hope this year is much more smoother sailing for you. I wish you the best.


    1. Well hello Adrienne, glad you feel the need to do daily backups, your site is truly a busy one! Looking forward to getting back into sharing my adventures online once again.

  2. Hey Igor,

    I never had to switch between hosts. I have changed hosts, but that was when I moved from one blog to another.

    Anyways, having back ups is important. I was setting this up with my new blog. It was so frustrating because many of the plugins didn’t work well with my blog (some of them showed errors, others just didn’t work).

    So, I had a hard time with backups (then I thought about Barry’s idea…I went with that approach, but realized then I forgot to download a backup every week, so that approach isn’t viable).

    I finally found the ‘perfect’ plugin (I am still looking for another one though…you know, backup plugin to a back up plugin 😀 What if my back up doesn’t work, and I don’t know about it?).

    Anyways, thank you for sharing this update, Igor 🙂 Hope to read your next post soon 😀

    1. I bought WP Pipeline which has a backup plugin built in however I do not trust it as the process is cumbersome and when it comes to backing up it needs to 100% or its a waste of time. Which is why I opted for the WordPress export process.

      Hope you find the plugins you are looking for.

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