Leading Traffic

Car-Traffic-web_sxc_lokaltogI have just completed one of the many nightmare journeys across the UK, this one was from Lincoln to Dereham, you can see the route here. The reason its so painful is that this is a very rural area, populated by many tractors and very few multi-lane roads to pass them by.

Of course its not just tractors, in the governments wisdom they have restricted trucks to 40mph when ensures they quickly gather a following that has no option other than to sit patiently behind awaiting the next opportunity.

Unfortunately boredom is the perfect enemy of focus.

With a shiny object in the sky distracting my focus as we turn a corner into a perfect opportunity, I miss the chance and am condemned by my own lack of action to remain where I am, however a couple of bikers spot the opportunity and with their resources to conquer the challenge lying ahead quickly pass the truck and leave me and my followers behind.

The shiny object by the way was a light aircraft.

As I was now stuck in this position for many miles, my mind turned to how this related to email marketing, the link soon became clear.

Build the list…build the list…you must build a list we are told and this is advice that you must follow if you wish to achieve ever increasing success for ever reducing effort.

However many people see this opportunity as a problem

A list is a great resource but only if you put it to use and you have created an appropriate list.know-like-trust-web_sxc_mexikids

You maybe scared to communicate with your list for fear of mucking up the fabled ‘Know, Like and Trust’  method of list engagement. However unless you do nothing other than say buy my poop which if you are reading this post, I know you would never do, I would suggest you relax and just be yourself.

The real problem comes from an inappropriate list.

Let us return to my painful journey, my one point of focus should have been getting past that truck but I was distracted by that shiny object and thus missed the golden opportunity. If you have built a list that has no tight point of focus such as ‘How to Make Money Online’ rather than ‘How to Make Money as an Amazon Associate’, you will constantly be distracted by every shiny object that entices you with an opportunity for your followers.

With an appropriate list you will know what to look for and where to look.

As the leader of a list, your followers await your guidance and call to action, if it fails to come they will quickly find another leader to follow, just as the second biker did behind that truck.

Do you know what you should be saying to your list?