Knowing Your Questions


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Over the weekend I came across a marketing system called the 10x10x4 video campaign formula by Traffic Geyser.

As they distribute videos, promoting systems that make the most of their service makes sense and although this is really just a thinly veiled service promotion it has a lot going for it.

Especially if you are interested in video marketing.

However do not dismiss it, if you are not a video marketer. For once you examine the system you realize that it can be used for far more than just video promotions.

What caught my eye in this system that had nothing to do with video marketing was the first 2 steps.

These steps create the foundation for success in any marketing campaign, regardless of what media you use to get your message across.

These steps are shown below.

  1. Write down the top ten frequently asked questions about your solution or service.
  2. List the top ten questions a buyer should be asking about your solution or service.

You and I should have at least that number of questions and answers to help position our product or service uniquely in the marketplace. However I know I have not gone into this level of detail for any of my solutions.

Have You?


With this content management system recently celebrating its 10th birthday, I assume that you are familiar with WordPress however familiarity breeds assumption which means all too often we overlook the most obvious of questions.

I did the above exercise for WordPress and one question that arose was this

“What is WordPress?”

A simple question but could you answer such a simple question in a sub 2 minute video, with enough clarity to draw the person asking closer to your WordPress related solution?

Trust me; stating that it’s a content management system creates more questions than it answers!

Solution Creation

I recently purchased Product Development Control by John Thornhill and Dan Sumner; it’s a great system for keeping you on track whilst creating your solutions. It also ensures you do not overlook any crucial element of the solution or its delivery.

It is a great system but every system needs to be personalized to your way of working.

Thus I have been tweaking their process flow to ensure it progresses logically for me through all the necessary steps they highlight. My personalization also ensures I remove the potential for thinking points, as for me these all too often become havens of procrastination.

Whilst getting to the end and releasing a solution is a great achievement, all too often it is only at this point we realize our solution was doomed to failure from the outset.

The weakest point of any solution is the initial concept.

If you get this slight off target then regardless of what comes after, your solution is doomed.

And it’s for that reason I have now incorporated these 2 steps right at the start of my product development process. I may not make 20 videos but at least I will know what questions my target audience need answering and what should be in my solution from the outset.

Would these 2 question help with your initial solution research?