Knowing Your Fundamental Number

numbers for successI have tried it and really it did not strike a chord with me but then that is because my life is too full at the moment and thus I need to maximize the effectiveness or the feeling of being effective during every minute.

I am of course talking about meditation and the need to set aside time to undertake this activity.

Do not fret you have not stumbled across the wrong blog or been redirected to somewhere unexpected. There is a lot of nonsense and unnecessary fluff added into most conversations regarding meditation, when in reality all it boils down to is a singularity of thought.

Focus on one topic and only that until you have achieved increased clarity on that topic. This may of course take more than one session but as long as you are moving that topic forward then you are moving in the right direction.

The same obvious rule applies in equal measure to our quest for success.

Last week it was suggested by a good friend that I should just give up and find something else to support me in my old age. However because he was a good friend, I took it on the chin and continued to listen to his advice which in the end was a brutally honest diagnosis of mine and perhaps your current situation.

It all started with one simple question.

How profitable is your funnel and follow up sequence?

Now if that sounds like a foreign language do not fret. For having followed the blogging training of John Chow the most important truth he revealed was this.

You will not retire on the income from your blog!

Rather your blog will enable you to develop your own traffic stream and hence income on demand which comes only from having a list of people who know like and trust your recommendations.

In other words steer your subscribers right and they will keep you in the lifestyle that is your new normality.

Now returning to my good friend who spent over 14 years in the wilderness before making his breakthrough, he admitted that my mistake is perfectly natural and all too common.

I had fallen into the trap of going wide and not deep, I have talked about this before when my good friend Sally Neill made her breakthrough.

Tonight as I drove back in silence after seeing a friend, the new car does not have a stereo and I have no intention of fitting one because the silence allows my mind to discover the most important singular thought related to our most pressing issue.

Talking to yourself maybe the first sign of madness but in my world its the only way to get myself heard!

In the 1920’s (Yup 70 years before the birth of the modern Internet) Claude C Hopkins talked about knowing your numbers. Recently on the British version of The Apprentice, Sir Alan Sugar had only one thing to say, figure out what is selling and sell more of that, in other words know your numbers!

Success is all about knowing your numbers.

And this is where I came unstuck by going wide, since switching to a Hostgator reseller account my AdTrackzGold installation has become unusable and thus all the funnels tracked by it have become unmarketable.

Now to be clear, AdTrackzGold is a great service if you have a stable hosting solution and can migrate the installation successfully should you feel the need to upgrade your hosting service. Unfortunately my AdTrackzGold installation died during the upgrade and has resisted all attempts at reviving it.

Now returning to my drive home, the various internal voices came to agreement that an external tracking solution was required, one that would not be put in danger when the time came to move to a dedicated server which will be my next upgrade step.

The answer was of course super simple and follows the thread of going deep not wide, ladies and gentlemen I give you Google Analytics. For me that is a strange solution considering both YouTube and Adwords Google hate me with an unrelenting passion thanks to my previous Amazon promotions on YouTube.

However it is

  • An external service
  • A paid service, trading my data for continuing access
  • A service that is unlikely to be discontinued, they have a premium option currently $150K pa

Thus my marketing like my life has come full circle, returning to the fundamental questions and the quest for their answers.

Now if there are better and more marketer friendly external click tracking services, I would love to hear about them because as I said I have several funnels that are being held back because of this dilemma.